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Conan Comes to Titan Comics

Marvel Comics’ publishing rights to Robert E. Howard’s classic Cimmerian Conan have once again expired, as announced back in June, finding a new home at Titan Comics.

The character, made famous in the pages of Weird Tales magazine back in the 1930s, has seen a storied journey as his rights have bounced from one publisher to another. Howard, the father of the “Sword & Sorcery” genre, only wrote Conan for a few short years, completing 21 stories (and starting another 17) beginning in 1932, up until his suicide in 1936 at the age of 30.

Conan 115
Conan the Barbarian #115 (1980), art by John Buscema

Many of his unfinished works were completed by other authors (Wheel of Time‘s Robert Jordan among them) and published after his death. In the decades since Howard’s death, the character has seen numerous iterations but endured his popularity. Perhaps no print version though is more recognized than the one put out by Marvel Comics starting in 1970, written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Barry Windsor-Smith to start, and later by John Buscema. The look of Buscema’s Conan, which he drew on and off from 1980 till 1999, is, in my mind, the definitive version of the character.

Savage Avengers #5 (2019)

The comic license for Conan would stay at Marvel for over 30 years before Dark Horse picked it up and started publishing Conan books in 2003. After an extended run with the character, Marvel reacquired the rights in 2018, where they have integrated him into the main continuity pretty heavily, teaming him with a team of Savage Avengers and teaming him up with Dr. Doom and Kang the Conqueror to stop classic Conan villain Kulan Gath.

Upon releasing the rights, Marvel chose to send the character back to his Hyborian Age, giving him a fitting send-off as he sacrifices his place in the present to send the rest of the team home, thus leaving the door open for a possible reunion down the road. But for now, Titan Comics will take the reigns.

As announced by CBR back on Halloween;

CBR can exclusively reveal that Titan Comics, working alongside entertainment studio Heroic Signatures, will be co-publishing a new, ongoing Conan the Barbarian comic book series. Launching in July 2023, the series will see the return of longtime Conan scribe Jim Zub (Thunderbolts, Uncanny Avengers), and feature the artwork of illustrator Roberto De La Torre (King-Size Conan, Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and colorist José Villarrubia (Promethea, Sweet Tooth). Sharing a first look at De La Torre’s art for the title, Titan promises, “This will kick off a brand-new, exhilarating series of comics of characters from across the Conan and wider Robert E. Howard mythos!”

Those names should be familiar to Conan comic fans. Jim Zub wrote on Marvel’s recent run of Conan the Barbarian, as well as recent work on Red Sonja, Thunderbolts, Murder World, D&D-based stories with Rick & Morty and Stranger Things.

For the art side of things, Roberto De La Torre will pencil the series. I love the look of De La Torre’s Conan, and he seems like a great choice for Titan’s launch. He worked on a lot of the recent Conan stuff at Marvel, including with Zub on Barbarian.

And the colorist will be José Villarrubia, who previously worked on King Conan: The Scarlet Citadel for Dark Horse back in 2012, and more recently on Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Witcher: A Grain of Truth. He also did the original run of Sweet Tooth for Vertigo.

Before the new series in July however, Titan will release the old Roy Thomas stories in Omnibus form, much like Marvel and Dark Horse have done before.

Roy Thomas, Barry Windsor-Smith
Titan Comics, HC (776 pages) – $125.00
On Sale June: 14, 2023

Roy Thomas, Barry Windsor-Smith, John Buscema
Titan Comics HC (968 pages) – $150.00
On Sale June 28, 2023

Best Buds: 8 Pairs of Lifelong Super Friends

Good friends are important, and best buds even more so. Someone who has your back, and who will be there when the chips are down. And of course, a heavily super powered friend that shares your own values, motivations, and love for extremely tight uniforms has to be pretty much the best thing ever.

There have been a lot of great pairings over the years in the comic book world, from best friends to friendly rivals. With more than a few friends taking each other on in the theaters next year with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War, it’s important to take stock of these friendships that have developed on-screen and in the comics for years. Sure, they’re fighting now, but chances are after the battle they’ll all go and grab a few beers and bro out over the battle.

There are quite a few more great friendships among the superhero community, buddies that have been through the thick and the thin, fought each other more times than they could count, and have even survived the ‘finality’ of death (at least until the inevitable rebirth). Let’s take a look at some Superhero Best Buds that have survived the test of time.

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Adventures in Romance: Our 10 Favorite Superhero Couples

With the release of the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, we couldn’t have been more excited to see DC’s Trinity stand united on the big screen for the first time. And while this film will obviously focus more on Batman and Superman, we couldn’t help but wonder if we might see the comic relationship between Supes and WW explored in any future films.

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Marvel’s Gonna Bring You A Mockingbird

Do you love Bobbi Morse, as portrayed by Adrianne Palicki on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

While it’s unclear whether we’ll ever get that spinoff television series starring her character, Marvel Comics itself is launching a solo book for the character in March with Mockingbird #1.

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Moon Knight Returns for Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” Initiative

Often terribly described as ‘Marvel’s Batman,’ Moon Knight has had a storied career as one of Marvel’s street level heroes, with a number of series over the years that have tackled the incredibly interesting story of Marc Spector.

Following the latest fantastic run that featured creators like Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, Brian Wood, Greg Smallwood, Cullen Bunn, and Jordie Bellaire (to name a few), Moon Knight is set to be relaunched with a new creative team for Marvel’s “All-New, All-Different” rollout following the conclusion of Secret Wars.

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5 Reasons To Get Excited For The New Black Panther Title

Hot on the  heels of the leaked Civil War images, Marvel unveiled some pretty exciting news, via the NY Times.  Ta-Nehisi Coates, correspondent from the Atlantic, Black author and overall Marvel super-fan, will pen the new Black Panther series along with artist, Brian Stelfreeze.

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Fans get First Look at Marvel’s Upcoming Chewbacca #1

In recent months Marvel has been instrumental in keeping many of us Star Wars fans sane as we impatiently await the release of The Force Awakens. The various comics they’ve issued thus far like Darth Vader, Kanan: The Last Padawan and Lando have been fantastic and they look to continue that trend with this October’s Chewbacca #1. That’s right! Everyone’s favorite Wookiee is getting his own spin-off tale!

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Mutants Pitted Against Inhumans in Marvel’s “Extraordinary X-Men”

With the new Marvel movie lineup announced almost a year ago, it is no surprise that the popularity of the comic counterparts have gone up; specifically, Inhumans. For fans of Agents of SHIELD on ABC, the Inhumans have featured heavily in the last season, which is an obvious build up for the upcoming 2018 film version. No doubt the Inhumans are the MCU’s way of getting enhanced humans on the big screen with all the rights to the X-Men franchise under lock and key at FOX.

However, one of the qualities of comic books that remains untarnished is the endless possibilities for crossovers. Marvel has set up seemingly quite a crossover between the Inhumans and their enhanced brethren, the X-Men.

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