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I Just Binge-Watched Season 4 of Arrested Development; I Did NOT Make a Huge Mistake

It is the moment we have been waiting on for several years. Arrested Developement is back and the Bluth family has returned to make us cringe, laugh, and question the television executives that canceled the series back in the day. Obviously things are a bit different now and we have a lot to catch up on. Luckily, Netflix partnered up with Mitch Hurwitz, the creator, to release 15 episodes all at once at 12pm Pacific Standard Time on May 26th, 2013. It’s a bold move as the episodes for the most part concentrate on a specific timeline and looks at the different perspectives of the Bluth family so really, it’s one mega episode. The question is, does it work? Yes and no. Regardless, let the great experiment begin!

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First Trailer for Arrested Development 4!

We are now less than 2 weeks away from the triumphant return of the Bluth family and May 26th can’t get here soon enough. So while we wait for that ‘sure to be a glorious’ day, Netflix has given us an Arrested Development season 4 trailer to salivate over…

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Pics from Season 4 Arrested Development Set! I Just Blue Myself…

The title should be self explanatory. Straight from Jason Bateman’s Twitter via the Hollywood Reporter are pics of Michael Cera arriving on the Arrested Development set to do rehearsals and/or cause whatever mischief it seems. The sets are obviously being worked on but it should be important to note that in one of the pictures, it seems to represent the good old model home with the caption ‘My son, arriving yesterday’.

I will say that it definitely shows how long we have been without the show (since 2006) and Cera is definitely not the same George Michael we got used to during those awesome spectacular three seasons the show was on. Granted, he will still be the awkward kid who pines for his cousin but he is also Scott Pilgrim and a bunch of other whiny hipster characters too (some of which I don’t mind honestly). Obviously everyone went on to do their own thing but the people that really took off were Bateman and Cera so it’s honestly sweet as hell to see them back working on the show that gave them their starts. Hell, I still remember an interview they both had together for Juno, despite never having scenes together, and they picked up on their comedy rhythm together like no time had past.

Now that I got that out of the way, onward to the second photo…

This one is captioned, “A grandson, looking for his Gangee.” Which is awesome because we can definitely say this is Lucille’s place and…damn, is it 2013 yet? I want my episodes now. Speaking of, the original plan was to do an anthology for the 4th season where each character would get their own episode but creator Mitchell Hurwitz decided to go the traditional route of putting them all together in episodes and making stuff happen. Which I am all for because, if I haven’t geeked out enough already, it’s freakin’ Arrested Development. It is easily the funniest show in my opinion to come out in the last decade. It needs to come back so I can justify my Netflix subscription (although seriously, when streaming the first episode, their servers better be able to handle it because when it gets released…havoc will ensue trying to get to a television in my opinion) and then get onward with the AD movie.

Seriously though, I’m super stoked for this. Huzzah! Seriously. Genius.