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Hell Baby: New Trailer Shows Off Stellar Cast, Actually Looks Fun…

In a world where great horror comedies like Dale and Tucker vs Evil get overshadowed by garbage like Scary Movie 5, it’s the folks that brought us Reno 911 that give me hope. Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon wrote, directed, and starred in Hell Baby. The pair play exorcists sent by the Vatican to handle a demonic pregnancy, and the movie actually looks pretty damn funny. Aside from the two The State alums, the cast is packed with some of the funniest (if not well known) actors working today.

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Gone Too Soon: Reaper

2007-20092 Seasons of hilarity, action, bro-hood, romance, and the Devil…

We are here today to remember some of our favorite television shows that were taken from us long before they were ready to go. At least, long before I was ready to let them go.

And unfortunately, that seems to be the case with most of our favorite TV shows these days. It’s rare to be given a second season, let alone continue on an epic run. So this new segment is here to remember some of the shows that may be forgotten. We might even remember some movies, video games, comics… anything that was Gone Too Soon

Today I am going to talk about Reaper, a show that aired on the CW from 09/25/07 to 05/26/09. It was created by Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas, and was known for having its pilot episode directed by filmmaker Kevin Smith.

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