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Black Friday: Bruce Campbell and Devon Sawa Join Holiday Shopping Horror Movie

Bruce Campbell (Ash vs. Evil Dead), Devon Sawa (Final Destination), and Michael Jai White (Spawn) have joined the cast of director Casey Tebo’s Black Friday

As confirmed earlier by Deadline, Black Friday is “Set on the busiest shopping night of the year, Black Friday, the story follows a group of disgruntled toy store employees who have to defend themselves from legions of holiday shoppers when a mysterious alien parasite sends them on a murderous rampage.”

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SDCC 2013: Arrow Season Two Sizzle Reel, Plus Highlights of the Comic-Con Panel!

Let’s start right off with the Arrow season two sizzle reel. Now, if you have not seen all of Arrow season one, you might want to skip this as it has a lot of spoilers in it. A lot, a lot.

So much action packed into so little time! Taken from footage of the season premiere, we get a good look at Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev.
Arrow Season Two Sizzle Reel

As exciting as that is, I think we all echo Roy Harper’s question to the mysterious blonde in a mask (Caity Lotz as not Black Canary), “Where the hell did you come from?” Of course this Arrow season two sizzle reel didn’t answer any big questions, like who exactly Caity Lotz’s character is, but we do see Oliver Queen make the beginnings of his move from “the Vigilante” to actually being called Arrow. As Marc Guggenheim said in this interview, they are moving from Hood Guy, to Arrow, to ultimately Green Arrow.

Arrow season two sizzle reel

Same with Black Canary apparently. Laurel will eventually be Black Canary but she needs to start on that journey and Caity Lotz is there to help her begin.

Apparently everyone is moving along in their storylines, including Roy Harper and Deathstroke. During the Comic-Con panel, Colton Haynes referred to season two as Roy’s “island” and Andrew Kreisberg made a point of telling fans that those who are interested in if/how Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson becomes the Deathstroke, then they should make sure to watch season two.

The other big news from the panel is that although it seems as if Malcolm Merlyn met his end in the season finale of Arrow season one, perhaps he’s not as dead as we assumed. John Barrowman appeared on stage saying “I would be more than happy to come back into this family fold. And if I’m being invited back, it’s more than the 50th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’s’ ever done.”

As great as all that news is, two big guest spots were also announced.

Arrow season two sizzle reel

That’s right, Suicide Squad’s own Bronze Tiger is coming to Starling City! Or the island, his story hasn’t been revealed. Michael Jai White will play the martial artist sometime in season two. Given that they are announcing it this early, you’d have to imagine it’d be early in the season.

Kevin Alejandro as Sebastian Blood in Arrow

Same goes for Kevin Alejandro, guest starring as a character named Sebastian Blood, aka Brother Blood. Longtime foe of the Teen Titans. It’s a little easier to see the martial arts fighting of Bronze Tiger making the leap to the Arrow-verse, but there will be some definite changes in the Brother Blood character to comply with the “no superpowers/metahumans” thing that they’ve committed to. But we’ve seen how Count Vertigo was able to be adapted so I’m not too worried about it.

So I think that about covers it. Laurel Lance is still going to be Black Canary. Caity Lotz is going to help her. Roy Harper and Slade Wilson both have changes in store for them. Oh yeah, Thea is taking over Oliver’s club, and Summer Glau’s Isabel Rochev is coming to town.

Can’t wait for October 9th when Arrow season two premieres!


Mortal Kombat: Legacy – Episodes 1-4

If you didn’t see the awesome short Mortal Kombat: Rebirth then I suggest you go and check that out here first. It was directed by Kevin Tacharoen, and was his attempt to show the movie studios just what he could do with the MK franchise. And it was amazing. It was a realistic look at the world of Mortal Kombat with some stars thrown in for good measure. Michael Jai White played Jackson Briggs (Jax) and Jeri Ryan played Sonya Blade. Well, it definitely got noticed, with over 10 million views in one month, and it left most fans of the franchise wondering where the series was going to go next.

Then Mortal Kombat: Legacy was announced. A 10 part web series from the makers of Rebirth featuring the same cast plus lots more. So naturally fans rejoiced. So far there have been 4 episodes released, so I’ll post them here for your viewing pleasure, and as each one comes out we’ll keep you up to date.

Most are around 10 minutes long, and feature a look at the beginning of most of our favorite characters, with an expanded look at the huge universe of Mortal Kombat.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy 01 – Jax, Sonya and Kano (Part 1)

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