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Halloween Kills: Bloody New Footage Straight Out Of BlumFest!

Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures has revealed a new teaser for the highly-anticipated Halloween Kills showing Michael Myers’ bloody return to the screen! 

Opening on the town of Haddonfield, Laurie’s voice warns that Michael Myers was back for blood, and The Shape is shown picking up his iconic mask. From there the violence escalates as Halloween Kills delivers on just that. Plenty of blood shooting out of victims as well as familiar faces such as Allyson (Andi Matichak). And none other than actress Nancy Stephens, who is playing Marion Chambers for the whopping fourth time in Halloween Kills. A hand smashes the glass on her car’s window, in a sequence highlighting her fateful encounter with Michael Myers back in 1978.

Gordon Green promised “twice the thrills and ten times the kills” during today’s Blumhouse panel, and this new 36-second look at the film is promising just that. Check it out below:

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Mortal Kombat Creator Could Create Horror Icons Video Game

Horror movie characters like Freddy, Jason and the rest have managed to span numerous genres, not just the cinematic universes they were originally born into.

Jason Voorhees for example has his own video game currently in the works, plus old Spectrum and NES games from the 1980s, as well as a board game (called Last Friday) inspired by his murderous antics. And he is not alone.

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Countdown to Halloween: Michael Myers and the Messy Timeline Split

In 1978 John Carpenter and Debra Hill gave us one of the greatest indie movies of all time in Halloween. It has become a true classic, the theme music iconically representing the season, and the blank stare of the mask now synonymous with evil.

The story goes that on Halloween night, when he was only six, little Michael Myers killed his sister Judith with a butcher knife. He then spent the next 15 years institutionalized, and his parents died in a car crash, leaving behind his baby sister named Cynthia. At the age of 21, Michael escapes the hospital and returns home to murder the last remaining member of his family. The guy is thorough.

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Countdown to Halloween #1: Michael Myers

And finally we’re down to the very last in our countdown, the biggest, the best, the #1. Of course, I’m talking about Michael Myers. His name is literally tied to Halloween, and will be for all future generations to come. When it’s Halloween and you’re at a party with a bunch of friends, what movie are you gonna put on first? Hallo-frikkin-ween. What is it that exactly makes him #1? Well first and foremost, he’s one of the most innovative characters of his time, in THE iconic Halloween movie.

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Countdown to Halloween #20: Jason Voorhees

Strange how one of the most iconic characters in horror lore were never meant to be. In the original movie, Jason popped up as part of Mrs. Voorhees damaged brain, and then briefly at the very end. Somehow though, the supposed drown child grew up to adult hood and took up a new past time; slashing up camp councilors. It’s not till the third film that he actually grabbed his iconic hockey mask, but boy did things change then. He became a horror movie icon, with his mug splashed all over everything. Heck he even appeared on talk shows where he does not speak! After 8 movies though, people started to tire of machete wielding maniac and he disappeared for a few years when filmmakers sent him to Hell once and for all. Or at least until he popped up again a few years later during a trip into space. We were also shown the residents of Elm Street being used as cannon fodder during Jason’s brief tussle with rival icon Freddy Kruger. Most recently though the character was subject to a 2009 reboot which introduced him to a whole new generation. Why though does he still hold a spot in our hearts? Well let’s have a look…

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#10 – Countdown to Halloween: HALLOWEEN II (1981)

RECAP: Halloween II begins on the night of Halloween… beginning exactly where the original Halloween left off.

Michael is shot by Dr. Sam Loomis six times, and still somehow manages to get up and walk away, left to terrorize the neighborhood. He gets into a neighbor’s home, and steals a butcher knife, leaving behind only a sample of his blood.

He soon after uses that knife to kill an unsuspecting teenager who is home alone.

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#22 – Countdown to Halloween: HALLOWEEN (2007)

The Countdown blazes on! We’ve seen some great movies and some bad movies in preparation for the upcoming celebration of All Hallow’s Eve. Some Horror films can be tied to other holidays of course. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day all have their share of movies. But when it comes to Halloween, one movie stands out above the rest.

A movie that helped guide all horror to come. It spawned a number of sequels, a reboot and a remake, which itself spawned a sequel.  You’d think that would narrow it down a little, right? Not in this day and age of reboot madness. That’s a topic for another day. Today we are going to take a look at Rob Zombie’s Halloween.

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‘Hellraiser’ Reboot and Halloween 3D Getting the PG-13 Treatment?

Bloody Disgusting recently had an interview with Todd Farmer, potential writer behind the remake of Hellraiser and the third Halloween movie. In this interview something disturbing was brought to light: both movies are being considered for PG-13 ratings. Hellraiser? PG 13? And after the two previous Halloween movies from Rob Zombie, they want to bump it down to a PG-13? That has to be the most hilarious thing I’ve heard in the last few days… you know because the last time I laughed as hard was when I found out Darth Vader screams “Nooooo!” at the end of Jedi.

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