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Countdown to Halloween #31: Patrick Bateman

IT’S OCTOBER BABY! That means that it’s once again time for Grizzly Bomb’s annual COUNTDOWN TO HALLOWEEN! Last year we ran through some of the greatest Halloween type movies of all time, but this year we’re gonna examine some of the characters that make Halloween the best Holiday of ever. Anyhow, each day we’ll look at a different character as we count down the 31 best of all time. Hope you enjoy.

Brian Kronner

American Psycho is a piece of pure genius. The book is a perfect example of a lifestyle, which for some is still relevant today: the yuppie life. The dissection of this culture is a joy to behold whether it is through the book written by Bret Easton Ellis or the movie directed by Mary Harron. Ellis, however, has this to say about his masterpiece (taken from Wikipedia).

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New Trailer: ‘Final Destination 5’

For those of you who don’t know about everyone else, but I’m so ready for another Final Destination movie. Seriously, I laughed at more in the third and fourth sequels than during most recent comedies. I know that may sound sick, but the deaths are so ridiculous in the movies that it’s really hard not to. These are deaths befitting Looney Toons characters not real people.

Granted, the movies should probably be strictly straight to DVD at this point but if you have a whole bunch of idiots (this guy!) willing to shell out ten bucks a ticket for some cheap laughs in shitty 3D, then they’ll still be theater releases. Check out the trailer below:

I honestly thought that they were trying to make the movie a little on the scary-serious side but there was no such luck once you seen the guy on the acupuncture bed fall off onto the floor. It looked really God awful. But hey! Tony Todd is back!

“Hurry! We have to get this stupid movie over with!”

Regardless of it’s levels of suckiness, if me and about six friends can all get together and go see it so we can be the only ones in the theater laughing: I’m all in! Please comment below on this monstrosity of the cinema!