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VHS Vault: Mortuary (aka Embalmed)

Here we have Mortuary (Embalmed is its UK name), which though released in the mid eighties was most certainly a film from the ’70s. The wardrobe is full of bright blues and the hair stylist was clearly quite taken with The Dukes of Hazard, because a lot of the cast look like they stepped right out of that show. Also when a roller disco is included, you know you are looking at the ’70s. Nothing dates a film more than a roller disco.

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Dexter: Season 6, Episode 7 – “Nebraska”

RECAP: First and foremost… “Trinity is back”.

Deb tells Dexter about the situation. It looks like the son of the old Mitchell family, Jonah, killed his sister.

Dexter is still seeing his brother, Brian. Dexter and his brotherly hallucination decide to take a trip to Nebraska to take care of the Jonah situation. With his brother’s ghost in the passenger seat, Dexter sets off on a vacation. I am loving the little things about Brian that make me wish he were around still. He called Deb “the one that got away”, and he talked Dexter into boning the cute convenience store chick.

Angel tells Deb that they found the girl who Travis let go. She had said that she was tied up by someone called the Professor and a weaker guy. Since she was blind-folded, the theory that Gellar is a spirit could still be true.

Dexter goes to the Mitchell home to see if Jonah is really guilty. He notices that his tools and the forensic kit are missing from his car. Although he wears gloves and has a fake back story, Dexter seems sloppy in this episode. Jonah comes home while Dexter is in his house, but runs off after confirming Dexter killed his father Arthur. Then, Dexter is seen by Jonah’s neighbors. After that, he kills the motel attendant because he was blackmailing him with his tools and gun. He is being seen by far too many people.

Travis tells Professor Gellar that he wants to be free. This is obviously not a surprise because he has struggled with his conscience since the beginning of the season.

Quinn and Deb have a relationship conversation which pisses me off. If I were Deb, and I dated someone who acted the way he did, I would probably punch him in the balls. They kiss. I had begun to like Quinn, but he became the same old douche he’d always been after Deb left him. In this scene, however, I felt sorry for him.

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Dexter: Season 6, Episode 4 – “A Horse of a Different Color”

RECAP: This episode begins with Dexter attending Brother Sam’s baptism of Nick, one of his shop workers, at the beach. He has Harrison with him… who is adorable. Dexter gets a call from work to head to a crime scene.

In this crime scene, he sees that someone has put body parts together with mannequins and they are riding horses… the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. This is from the book of Revelations in the Bible. The new guy, Mike (Billy BrownLight’s Out), explains the links to the bible for the seven snakes and the four horsemen.

 Dexter talks to Brother Sam when he brings his car back into the shop. He tells Sam a little bit about the case he is working on. Deb has psyched herself out about the press conference she has to do about the murders. She BOMBS the interview.

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Dexter: Season 6, Episode 3 – “Smokey and the Bandit” Review

In “Smokey and the Bandit”, Dexter sees himself in the Tooth Fairy… a serial killer who keeps teeth as his trophies. Instead of teeth, Dexter has blood slides, and he fears what he will leave behind for Harrison once he is older.

The episode shows Deb’s struggle with her new promotion. She is her ex-boyfriend Quinn’s boss, she has LaGuerta up her ass every second, and on top of all that, she has to decide who to promote to detective to fill her spot. With the new murders to solve, Miami Metro cannot afford to be down a detective. She chooses someone from Chicago as a transfer against Maria’s better judgment, and has to set him straight right away. It is hilarious, as she does in that famous sassy Deb way.

After Dexter picks his car up from the repair shop, Brother Sam invites him to join the shop in Nick’s, a fellow employee’s, baptism. Dexter, however, is spend a lot of time throughout the episode finding out if a member of a senior citizen home, Walter Kenney, who has alienated everyone around him. Dexter poses as “Dan”, a man who is looking to place his father in the facility, and gets close to Kenney. He takes him to a storage facility, where Kenney says he will take the bus from there. Dexter goes into his storage locker when he leaves, and finds a box of teeth: his trophies. Dexter suffocates him.

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Dexter: Season 6 Premiere – “Those Kinds of Things” Review (SPOILERS)

Although it does not premiere until October 2, I just watched the first episode of the sixth season of Dexter…and it was fantastic.

The episode began by putting me in a panic. Dexter calls 911 saying he has been stabbed, resulting in his next two victims’ arrival. From the moment the episode began, I could not help but sigh with relief. Dexter Morgan, I have missed you.

This episode “Those Kinds of Things” introduced a new pair of evil-doers: Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica) and Colin Hanks (The Good Guys). While not many details were given about what the duo is doing or why, I was pleased to see Hanks in the role of a creeper. It is very believable.

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