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Gotham: Jim Gordon, Harvey Dent, & Our Thoughts Three Weeks In

So, we’re three episodes in and thus far – I was hoping for more.

Gotham follows Jim Gordon as he enters the GCPD, and he does so just in time to have a certain famous double-homicide fall into his lap. That event, the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne, will act as the catalyst for the entire show as we see the city, which was already in trouble, tumble over the edge. This concept excited me, still excites me. The decline of a city to such levels of corruption and violence, that the presence of a masked vigilante becomes not only necessary, but an accepted progression? Jim Gordon as the tragic hero who fights tirelessly for the city that crumbles around him? That sounds excellent. And with that in mind, I had hoped for a show about Gotham City that revolved around a young Jim Gordon, and on occasion featured some familiar characters. However, what we’ve seen so far is a show about the origin of Batman, that takes place in Gotham City and uses Jim Gordon as a means to introduce countless familiar characters. Now that might not sound like a huge difference to you, but to me, it’s enormous.

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