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6 Fast 6 Furious Has a Longer Trailer; Also Defies Logic and Physics

That’s right people, just when you think you can escape Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, they decide to buckle up and give you Fast & Furious 6. Everyone saw the ridiculousness of the trailer that was done during the Super Bowl but you’re in for a treat. You think having a tank and a car exploding out of the nose of an airplane was all you were going to get before Memorial Day 2013? That would be wrong my friends, because they released the full extended look trailer on the internet. It’s below, so watch that and I’ll give my comments afterwards. Try not to run out and buy a 24-pack of Mountain Dew afterwards by the way.

This movie is basically caffeine and video games with a dash of tearing a physics book in half, wrapped up into one crazy movie. Admittedly, I enjoy the Fast & Furious movies. They are easy fluff that I can sit down and watch without having to think. Granted, mostly because the script never bothers to think at all but Fast Five was actually extremely entertaining. Anyways, we see the return of Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) as a possible villain and the addition of Gina Carano as well to beat up everything in her path as the new right hand woman to Dwayne Johnson’s agent character.

ff6 2

So basically we get London, Luke Evans as the main baddie, the captain guy from The Raid: Redemption, planes, tanks, and automobiles. And a lot of stupidly awesome stunts that would wreck a person in real life. Luckily, in movie world, it looks amazing with what they are able to pull off. Justin Lin, who directed Better Luck Tomorrow, a great indie movie, before he became the go-to guy in destroying cars, is at the wheel again for this movie and now has directed the last four Fast & Furious movies. He has definitely got a great eye for set pieces and this movie is no different. Makes you wonder what he’d do with the Terminator 5 movie…

Anyways, this movie comes out on Memorial Day weekend 2013. Yeah, it won’t be poignant or deep but man, it’ll be a helluva ride. That’s right, I just about ended this article with a cliche. But hey, if the above picture can have Paul Walker playing white boy, the token asian character, the rapper/actor and his R&B singer/actor, with the model/actor and Vin Diesel crossing his arms not smiling, we should all embrace the cliche train.

ff6 1

Behold the wonder that is the Diesel and exotic cars!!!!