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Pinterest Finds: Baseball Edition

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!

Screw Christmas and Easter and whatever holiday you hold in high esteem because this right here is the real deal, it’s Opening Day folks and that is something worth getting excited over. Like we’ve done with holidays (including James Bond day) before, let’s head to Pinterest and see what goodies it has in store!

Baseball, pinterest

Right off the bat (see what I did there?), something weird. A skull made of the baseball cover – odd, but I’d be okay with owning one.

Baseball, pinterest

I do not wear high heels. I rarely wear shoes. Even given those two statements, I might be convinced to don a pair of these heels fashioned in the likeness of a baseball. Might. Okay who are we kidding? There is no way in hell I’d wear these but they still look cool.

Baseball, pinterest

However if anyone was in the mood to make me a cake (hey, it could happen), I’d be really okay with this one. It’s even got complementary cupcakes down below. So cute.

Pinterest, Baseball

If you are the overachiever type, then you probably should go ahead and build yourself a baseball themed table to display your baseball themed cake and cupcakes on. I mean anything less would be gauche. You don’t want to be “that woman/guy” do you? Didn’t think so.

Baseball, pinterestIf I were planning my wedding now, and could have somehow convinced my mother and husband that this needed to happen, I would have totally gone for the baseball themed reception. As it was we stopped at Busch Stadium for pictures so really baseball invitations were the logical next step. But I’m not and they wouldn’t so it’s a non-issue but still these are pretty cute.

Baseball, pinterst

Today might be the greatest day of all but we all know that the dark days without baseball wait for us in the fall. What better way to try and recapture some of that magic than a baseball pumpkin for Halloween?

The best thing about Pinterest is you can find some random things that you might miss otherwise. This would be a great example of that.

Baseball, Pinterest

If you’ve ever wanted to know how many people were posting pictures to Instagram from various ballparks through May of 2012, well here’s the infographic just for you! I will say I’m sort of surprised that Turner Field is so high on that list but I suppose there really wasn’t a whole lot happening game wise so people had plenty of free time.

There is also quite a bit of fun stuff to be found while perusing various pinterest boards. I came across this one which tickled me, especially the Dodgers “beer”.

Baseball, pinterest

It’s a bit small but if you click on this link it will take you to the pin where it is larger. Very funny and probably the most accurate is the Padres. Poor Padres, no one ever really talks about them and they are quite a fun team to watch.

You can also find things that make you shake your head.

Baseball, Pinterest

Not only did someone think this was a good idea, they got another person to agree it was a good idea, and then I’m assuming yet another person willing to stake their reputation on the production of this ridiculousness. Needless to say, my crew will not be donning baseball uniforms no matter how excited I am by Opening Day.

Then you go from the ridiculous to downright hysterical.

Baseball, pinterest

That would be a book about “Baseball’s Great Teams” and it’s about the Chicago Cubs. Because we all know, when you think of great teams, you first think of the Chicago Cubs.

Of course for every truly ludicrous thing found on Pinterest, there is something of beauty.

Baseball, Pinterest

Happy Opening Day everyone!

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This Week’s Best Geeky ‘Pinterest’ Finds

We’ve returned for another edition of “The Best Weekly Finds in the Pinterest Geek Category!!!!!”. There is a wide variety of pins in this one, everything from breast exams to USB thumb drives. Without further adieu, let’s get on with the show.

With all the news recently regarding Hostess and their connection to comics, it only seems appropriate to start off today with this one.  I’m fairly certain that The Hulk would love the “real fruit filling”. I am curious as to where they acquired that massive fruit pie as it’s much larger than any I’ve ever seen. Then again, The Hulk looks rather diminutive so who knows what the hell is going on there.

Pinterest is a great place to find tattoo ideas. They actually have an entire category dedicated solely to tattoos but there are times where the body art bleeds over into the geek category.

This is one of those times. I’m equally intrigued and appalled by this. On one hand, it’s cool. On the other hand, there is no way I would even consider getting one like this. I have no aversion to tattoos, have a few myself, but they are certainly not of the Steve Buscemi/Darth Vader mash-up variety.

This song is everywhere. Unfortunately my husband loves this song more than life itself so I’ve had the great pleasure of listening to this song ten thousand times in the last month. Now that I think about it, perhaps this might find its way into his stocking this year. A great gift for any YouTube viral hit fan in your life.

I think we all, unfortunately, know someone who has said something like this. For whatever reason, the general non-nerd/geeky public seems to think that all comic book characters exist in the same world. Even if they know the names Marvel and DC, they really don’t understand what those two things entail. It’s a sad, sad situation. Thankfully there are people like myself, and you dear reader, who find it within ourselves to attempt to shine a light on the ignorance. Fight on my friends, fight on.

I’m torn on this one. I really want to hate it just on principle, but honestly? It’s rather entertaining. I can’t say that I would have sought out an interpretation of The Lord of the Rings by My Little Pony but thanks to the wonder of the internet and Pinterest, this has come into my life. I’ve decided that it is better to just embrace it rather than fight it. If nothing else, maybe it will bring a new generation to Tolkein’s work. I have to tell myself that so I can get some sleep at night.

When I came across this one I damn near clapped because it is such a good idea and it something I never would have expected to see.

If you are of the womanly persuasion, you’ve no doubt seen the traditional self breast check diagram. I think we can all agree that this one is far superior. So now there’s no excuse ladies, check yourselves! If She-Hulk can do it, so can we.

That concludes this edition of “The Best Weekly Finds in the Pinterest Geek Category!!!!”.  Perhaps next week I’ll kick off the Christmas holiday season with geeky Christmas related pins. If they exist, I’m do everything in my power to find them.

Until next time!

Pinterest Finds: James Bond Edition

In honor of Skyfall, the newest James Bond film, opening this weekend, I’ve superseded the usual Geeky finds for an “All Bond, All the Time” edition. Of course with a character and franchise as pervasive in culture as James Bond, you can only imagine the plethora of things out there on the interwebs pertaining to him. I’ve just picked a few of my favorites.

Okay this one just made me laugh. Even though Playmobil are basically low rent LEGOs, they still serve a purpose. That purpose is being around to fill the “Toy that could sort of look like James Bond as a toy” slot.

Speaking of things that look like other things, someone needs to make a movie about older Ian Fleming and cast Geoffrey Rush in that movie. In this picture they look so alike it’s uncanny. There is a made-for-TV movie coming out over in the UK but they were obviously going for a much younger Ian Fleming as they cast Dominic Cooper. You know him, he played Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger. Anyways, listen to me now Hollywood, the world needs Geoffrey Rush as Ian Fleming. Make it so.

Are you a Bond fan who is getting married in the near future? Well thanks to Pinterest, I think I may have just found you the perfect wedding cake! Now your guests will get to experience what it feels like to claim the “piece with the dead guy”. Your wedding will be the talk of your social circle for years to come!

What to do if your significant other puts a kibosh on the cake of your dreams? Do you give up all hope that your wedding will have the 007 flair you’ve always hoped and dreamed of? No, silly! Just call a few friends over and spend an evening folding these napkins into the perfect tuxedo shape, complete with bowtie. Your friends and family will remember fondly your wedding as that one “with the lame ass napkins but did you see the cake at Susie and Bobby’s wedding? The one with the dead guy? It was amazing!

So we’ve taken care of the wedding, but what happens when you have a kid? Do you want your kid to be some schlub out on the playground wearing some lame t-shirt? Of course not. A quick look around Pinterest and you find the perfect outfit for your own little dapper darling, the baby tuxedo onesie. Just remember, he would like his bottle “shaken, not stirred”. I’m sorry, it couldn’t be avoided. Please know that I am ashamed of myself.

That handsomely dressed child will grow up and eventually need to learn the alphabet. Outside of this book, this poster might be the best way to teach your children the building blocks of language. If you do go this route, I would like to request that you someone record your child when you ask them what “P” stands for. Actually go ahead and record everyone around your child (preferably strangers) because I want to see the reactions as the cherub loudly proclaims “Pussy Galore!”

Okay, enough of the circle of life bullshit, let’s get into something that matters- video games. I can not be the only one around here who spent countless hours running around only to discover that Natalya Simonova has died yet again. As you can see from this pin, Pinterest is certainly not limited to housewares, decorating ideas, and clothing. Nope, we video game nerds have found ourselves a corner and enjoy sharing pictures just like this one from the classic N64 game, Goldeneye.

I want to meet this person and shake their hand. Not only did they sit and glue together pieces of paper to make a human (even though they used cheap ass RoseArt glue. I’ve got Playmobil and RoseArt crap together in one post, it’s like the Dollar Tree discount aisle around here.) but they had to first think, “you know what sounds like a great idea? I think I’m going to print off and then assemble a character from Goldeneye. Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do. Hello awesome Saturday!”

So I might have been exaggerating slightly when I said the previous guy was awesome with his “paper Bond” but this guy? Yea this guy is amazing. I have watched this three times just since sitting down and writing this, and truth be told, I’ll probably watch it again before I’m done. It’s mesmerizing. Not to mention such a great song.

The thing with Pinterest is this- there are sometimes that there are no words for what you find. After combing through thousands of pins related to James Bond and the 007 universe, I came across this one. I can’t even begin to formulate a correlation between this atrocity and James Bond. It bottles the mind.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of “This Week’s Finds in the Pinterest Geek Category”, James Bond edition. One more before we part ways.

There are a lot of “bucket list” types of pins on Pinterest, including this one. Even though James Bond usually has an entire fleet of beautiful cars at his disposal, you can totally see him doing this. I think the next time I’m somewhere in which I can jump in a taxi as opposed to call a taxi and wait 45 minutes for them to drive 3 miles down the road, I’m going to do this.

Until next time, go out, see Skyfall and then come back and tell us what you thought of it.

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Geeky ‘Pinterest’ Finds…

In today’s world of ever-changing internet trends, it is easy to miss even “big” sites. Don’t believe me? Go ask all those people still hanging out on MySpace. One you might not have heard of is Pinterest– especially if you are male. As opposed to in the U.K. where the majority of Pinterest users are professional males, here in the U.S. it’s mainly women, women who are into house decorating and cooking and home tending and you get the picture.

Because that is the majority of users and their pins, does not mean that Pinterest does not have something to offer for those not the least bit interested in the Martha Stewart arts. Au contraire! A little run down of how Pinterest works. It is basically “visual bookmarks”- instead of saving sites to your browser, you can “pin” them to your Pinterest board instead. When you pin something, you pin it to a certain board. For example, when you look at either the Grizzly Bomb Pinterest  page, or my own personal Pinterest page (first you can tell that I’ve been on Pinterest much longer than Grizzly Bomb!), you can see that there are separate boards for various categories. Everyone can make their own boards, you aren’t forced into having a “home” board if you don’t want one. But what if you want to see what other people are pinning to their boards? Well you have two options: First you can choose to follow people (I think following Grizzly Bomb would be a great board to follow, just saying) and then whatever they pin will show up on the Pinterest equivalent of your Facebook wall. The second option is what brings us together here today, categories.There are various categories ranging in topics from fashion and humor to art and photography. The best category however, and the category that even people who could not give a rat’s ass about home decor or the latest in fall fashion could find something for them, is the Geek category.

Because I know that not everyone has the disposable free time that I do, and because I would hate for anyone to miss any geeky goodness, and frankly, because I’m such a wonderful and giving person, I have taken it upon myself to compile a weekly “Best finds in the Pinterest Geek Category this Week!!!!!!!” for your perusal. There is no need to send gifts, or money, or songs you have written in my honor (although they certainly won’t be turned away)- no, your gratitude is enough to keep me going.

So with all that out-of-the-way… I bring you this week’s “Best Finds in the Pinterest Geek Category this Week!!!!!!!”

Because I’m the one running this particular show, we are going to start with a pin that combines two of my favorite things in this world, LEGO and Batman. Those men right there are holding perhaps one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen- a Batcave built out of LEGOs. Let me repeat that. This is a Batcave built entirely out of LEGO bricks. When I scrolled past this the other day I did a double take and then one of my dogs had to revive me when I passed out from too much awesome.

Ask pretty much any woman who seriously plays video games to name some pet peeves and more than likely the sentiment behind this pin will be listed. It drives me nuts when people (oddly enough, not always just men) assume that if you are a girl who games you are one of these three types:

  • a.) a supermodel who doesn’t know her a,x,y, and b from her x, square, triangle and circle
  • b.) a girl who uses her husband/boyfriend’s XBox to play bejeweled on the big screen
  • c.) an idiot who thinks the Playstation is just a really fancy dvd player

Believe it or not, there are quite of a few of us who look forward to the release of Halo 4 just as much as any guy.

As I say all that, I must caveat, I love playing video games and am rather good at campaigns and questing. When it comes to multi-player however? I am just awful. Unless I have a war hammer. Given a war hammer, I am unstoppable. Okay, maybe not unstoppable, but I do actually kill other people so that’s a plus.

Another big thing on Pinterest is outfits. I am so not an outfit kind of gal, my everyday attire is either jeans or pajama pants and whatever t-shirt I happen to grab, so when I came across this one I was sort of surprised that I’d finally seen an outfit I would wear. There’s no chance I’d carry that purse, but the rest of it? Love it.

Random quirk about Pinterest- when you go to “re-pin” something, most of the time people do not change the description. Whoever pinned this at one point described it as “ridiculous”. I think we can all agree that what they meant to type was “awesome”. There is absolutely no way that this could ever be described as ridiculous. It has all the components of epic-ness.

  • Office products used in a new and exciting way… check
  • Beloved video game character… check
  • Old school version of beloved video game character… check
  • Incredible representation of the above… check
  • Just awesome in general… check, check, check

Yea sorry original pinner, I’m going to have to wholeheartedly disagree with your “ridiculous” description.

The sad part about Pinterest, just like the internet, is the lack of a built-in fact checker. I think we can all agree the creator of this meme pin had a good idea but just failed, horribly, in its execution.  However, I happen to adore Cobie Smulders and love How I Met Your Mother so I’m able to look past the error.

Now that Halloween has arrived, we are fully into the “holiday season” so it’s about time everyone start thinking about their gingerbread houses. I would like to put forth the argument that this particular gingerbread creation would kick every other gingerbread creation’s ass.

There we have it, the inaugural run of “Best Finds in the Pinterest Geek Category this Week!!!!!”.

Until next week! For now, I’m off to think of a better name.