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Borat Is Back! Check Out The Official Trailer For Sacha Baron Cohen’s Timely Followup

Amazon just debuted the full trailer for Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan *gasps for air*, the filmed-in-secret sequel to 2006’s Borat starring Sacha Baron Cohen and directed by Larry Charles.

The film, again, follows Borat Sagdiyev who returns to America after quite some time. Directed by Jason Woliner, the sequel plays with the idea that Borat is now recognizable and even with him putting on various disguises his popularity has also still not reached some parts of the country. We see full-on Borat quarantining with some those who would most likely still not recognize the comedian’s most famous creation as he hangs with some less-than-liberal folks.

Check out the trailer for Borat 2 (we can’t keep typing out that whole title) below:

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New Red-Band Trailer for “The Dictator”

Sacha Baron Cohen is the mastermind behind “Da Ali G Show”, Da Ali G Movie, Borat, and Bruno. In his first post-“Ali G” character outing, as well as his first non-documentary style film, Sacha Baron Cohen has brought us The Dictator, AKA Borat if he was more powerful. The first few previews were funny but not hilarious. This new red band trailer is a little bit funnier than the original theatrical preview, but not by much, and I wonder if this will be Baron Cohen’s first out and out flop.

Granted, the film’s fantastic supporting players will probably elevate it just a little bit, but I wonder if this is just same ol’ Sacha rather than a wholly original and brand new character for audiences to enjoy. Personally, I’m pumped up for Cohen’s portrayal of the late, great Freddie Mercury. The England-born actor seems to be born for the role, even resembling Mercury in more ways than one. But until then, we have The Dictator, a film that, while it looks funny, may not be as hilarious as we would have wanted.

Check out the new red-band trailer right here:

The Dictator (1) – Ryan Seacrest (0)

If there’s anything I hate more than the Oscars, it’s Ryan Seacrest and last night had plenty of both. The walking joke was on the red carpet as usual last night spouting off the mindless drivel about what everyone is wearing as only Seacrest can do, but I’ll bet he didn’t plan on running into Admiral General Aladeen. Yes the Dictator was in rare form in his political stance of “death to the West” and even brought a date to the Red Carpet event in the form of Kim Jong Il… in the form of an urn supposedly filled with his ashes. What happens next can only be enjoyed visually, so enjoy it below:

I have to say it wasn’t really that funny of a joke, I just kind of get personal satisfaction seeing it happen to Seacrest and then watch him try to maintain his cool to no avail. Granted, I’d be pretty pissed if someone did that to my tux, but I’m not rich and odds are he was renting that for the Oscars. Sacha Baron Cohen continues to bring his characters to the world at the expense of many people’s tuxedos and dignity. I have to say though, he is very good at it. It looks like this might be the one character of his that doesn’t really fool anyone. His other stereotypes might ring true to many of us, but we see so many idiotic Middle East leaders on TV nowadays that there’s never going to be one that we might have missed. Plus the guy’s an effin’ Admiral General. Be sure to give the Dictator a look on May 11th 2012 as it hits theaters, it’s bound to be offensive and funny.

Movie Trailer Roundup: Wrath of the Titans, The Dictator, Lock-Out and MORE!

Wrath of the Titans

Perseus embarks on a treacherous quest into the underworld to rescue Zeus, who has been targeted for capture by his traitorous son, Ares, and his brother, Hades.

Stars: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Bill Nighy, Rosamund Pike, Edgar Ramirez, Danny Huston

Release Date: March 30th, 2012

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The RZA and Sacha Baron Cohen Join the Cast of Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’

Quentin Tarantino’s newest project, Django Unchained, which is set to release on Christmas Day 2012, has gone through some cast changes (most notably Kevin Costner to Kurt Russell which I’m extremely thankful for), as well as some unexpected casting (Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, and James Remar are also names seen in the cast list, but the newest additions are by far the most surprising.

Former Wu-Tang member Robert Diggs, better known as RZA, has been cast as Thaddeus, a role that hasn’t had much news released about it. As well as that, Sacha Baron Cohen has been cast as Scotty, a role that also hasn’t had much disclosure. In fact, the entire film itself has thus far been kept under wraps relatively well, considering you haven’t read the PDF version of the script floating around the internet.

Be as skeptical as you want, but The RZA can act. Surprisingly well, I might add. Besides doing some of the soundtrack for the Kill Bill films, RZA’s face has been popping up in numerous projects like Coffee and Cigarettes, Funny People, American Gangster, Repo Men, Due Date, The Next Three Days, and most recently, A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. He’s known for being a scene-stealer, and there’s a good chance he’ll fulfill that duty in Django.

As far as Sacha Baron Cohen, we all know and love him from films like Borat, Bruno, Talladega Nights, the Madagascar movies, and Sweeney Todd. He’ll soon be starring in a new film called The Dictator (not to be confused as a remake of the 1940 Charlie Chaplin film, The Great Dictator), which will be directed by Borat/Bruno director, Larry Charles. Cohen will also be portraying Freddie Mercury in an upcoming and unnamed Queen biopic.




As for participating in Django, Cohen is a special kind of actor. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if he’s in a movie, the role was most likely written for him, so seeing him in a Tarantino film leads me to think that his role will be not only extremely interesting, but hovering around genius. I trust both Cohen and Tarantino when it comes to successfully making great films, so there’s no reason that a collaboration between the two won’t be explosive.

Tarantino is known for his offbeat but almost always-successful casting, and with stars of this caliber, there’s no doubt in my mind that Django Unchained will be one of the best films of 2012.