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Naziploitation Film Reviews: Iron Sky

In the year 2018, a promotional space shuttle flies out to the moon to – well, to do some promoting, what else? However when they arrive they notice that a huge base has been constructed by the Nazi party (who fled there after the war).  One astronaut meets a sticky end (loses his brains through the back of his spacesuit), but the remaining astronaut is captured. The Nazis believe this man is the leader of the mission but in fact he is a black model named James Washington, which confuses the Nazis and makes them wonder if they are under attack from united forces. To keep him on their side they turn James Arian, which sucks for him, as now his skin is bleached white. He is obviously not best pleased but it’s either this or death so he plays along. Finding out that Washington’s phone battery can charge their death ship the Gotterdammerung, officers Renate Richter (earth expert) and Klaus Adler (wannabe ruler), with white Washington in tow, go to Earth to see if America is planning an act of aggression and to nick some phone batteries.

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