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Transformers 3 – Shockwave Revealed

I’m a big Transformers fan. Loved the 80’s cartoons, the animated movie, the comic books, and the first Movie. The second movie was a terrible monstrosity, and I was confident the third movie Dark of the Moon wasn’t going to suck, but after seeing the first trailer I’m not so sure. It kind of reminded me of the alien invasion from the movie Skyline… and that’s not good because that movie sucked six cans of shark shit.

The only glimmer of hope I now have is that Shockwave is one of the main villains of this movie. He was always entertaining in the cartoon and comics; he was the Decepticon in charge on Cybertron while the others fought the Autobots on Earth.

Even more good news is that there is finally a picture of him in the form of a promotional banner for Dark of the Moon. He looks pretty true to the animated version, but being slightly Bay-ified too. Check out the banner below:

This banner is just a teaser before the next trailer premieres on April 28th – next week. Let’s hope the trailer doesn’t disappoint too much. Then again the Revenge of the Fallen trailer didn’t and look what happened with that movie.