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2012 Emmy Nominations Are Out, Who Got Snubbed?

It is that time of the year again where dreams get crushed, and the elite throw a party for themselves to give the obligatory ‘pat on the back’. The 2012 Emmy Nominations are in, and it’s time to fight for the snubbed and decry the undeserving. I have the list down there courtesy of EW, but let’s talk about what I think were great nominations and of course, the snubs.

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A Very GB Mother’s Day: Our Best TV Moms!

Here at Grizzly Bomb we wanted to do a little something for Mother’s Day, and we’ve decided to share our favorite TV Mom’s, and what makes them great. Some of the videos are NSFW, consider yourself warned.

Dr. Kronner – Morticia Addams

A character originating in the 1930s from New Yorker comic strips, Morticia Addams was the matriarch of the coolest family on TV. Much of my childhood was spent watching the 5-7 pm block on the old Family Channel which contained 2 episodes of Batman, as well as 2 episodes of The Addams Family. This may be why I was the only 8 year old I knew who was really excited for the 1991 movie. Anyhow, I loved that show, and it was all held together by the object of Gomez Addams’ affection – Morticia. Played for 64 episodes between 1964 and 1966 by Carolyn Jones (who was also on the 60s Batman show). She would later reprise her role multiple times, maybe most notably in my favorite 70s cartoon – The New Scooby Doo Movies (Where Jodie Foster voiced Pugsley Addams). 

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‘Sons of Anarchy’ – Season 4 Ends with a Whimper.

Well, there it is. Sons of Anarchy‘s 4th season came to an end last night, and it wasn’t as thrilling as advertised.

After a season 2 that was among the best in TV history, show creator Kurt Sutter gave us a somewhat lackluster 3rd season. But what both of those arcs had in common was, the premieres and finales were excellent. So SoA’s 4th season airs and it’s awesome all the way though, rivaling season 2. It’s so epic in fact that, in an unprecedented move, FX actually adds a 14th episode mid-season. And so months of treachery and lies and backstabbing was all set to come to a head last night. This was built up to be the almost inevitable end of SAMCRO. It was one of those things where you debating how they could even have a 5th season as it seemed like they were set to kill off everyone…

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Sons of Anarchy: Bonus Episode Added!

Ok, so I’m way behind on the SoA reviews. I apologize. We haven’t talked about the Sons since the fifth episode – Brick, and a lot to have happened since then. In the 5 episodes I neglected to review Juice tried and failed to kill himself trying to escape the reach of the Law, and Clay has taken the gloves off and become the out right villain. To avoid the reveling of his involvement with John Teller’s death, Clay murdered Piney, put out a(n unsuccessful) hit on Tara, and beat the crap out of Gemma. It’s getting pretty ugly. Anyhow, show runner Kurt Sutter has convinced FX that 13 episodes just isn’t gonna get it done this season, so FX has awarded the creative team behind the show a 14th episode.

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Sons of Anarchy: Season 4, Episode 5 – ‘Brick’ Review

This week we focus on the worst of this season’s storylines – Juice being half-black. Is this really an issue? I understand that it might not be openly endorsed by the club, but it’s not like Happy or the members of the Tuscon charter are white as rice or anything. They’ve worked with Black and Mexican gangs, I can’t see the Sheriff outing him as being worse than stealing drugs from the cartel. Oh, by the way, Juice steals a brick. Hence the title.

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Sons of Anarchy: Season 4, Episode 3 – ‘Dorylus’ Review

Dorylus Ants – A soldier class among the workers, which is larger, with a very large head and pincer-like mandibles. They are capable of stinging, but very rarely do so, relying instead on their powerful shearing jaws.

Things are heating up for the club, or rather in the club. Clay’s drug muling looks to split the Sons unity down the middle, Gemma confronts Tara about JT’s letters, and Juice gets picked up by the Sheriff. Not a major action episode, but there was still plenty that happened…

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