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The Avengers: New Trailer, Much Better.

So I haven’t been shy about the fact that the only thing I took from the early Avengers footage was Captain America’s new costume looks fricking stupid. Well, now we have a new trailer, and, well – Holy Shit, that’s what we were looking for. There were 2 moments in particular that I loved, but you should watch it first and then we’ll talk more…

SO – There it is. For me, I absolutely loved the ‘Iron Man vs Thor’ clip, as well as the part where the Hulk leaping in the air and caught Iron Man. Those were awesome. I wasn’t overly impressed by the first few trailers (teaser, Super Bowl) but this one really did it for me.

Is it May 4th yet?

Picture from LeenyCap.

2012 Super Bowl: Chrysler Does it Again, Clint Eastwood Spotlights Detroit

Last year Chrysler made waves in the ‘Best Super Bowl Commercial’ discussions with their CHRYSLER 200 ad featuring Eminem. Imported from Detroit. People here absolutely loved it, fans of Slim Shady or not…

Well this year Chrysler choose a spokesman without the local association, but one universally respected – Mr. Clint Eastwood. The legendary film icon was here in town a couple of years back while shooting his movie Gran Turino, in which he played a retired auto worker who can no longer relate to the world around him. Well, apparently he made an impression on the execs, cause they hired him to be their new voice this year. Check it out:

This year was certainly less about Detroit specifically, and more about the country in general, but it still gave me chills.

“This country can’t be knocked out with one punch.” 

If only we were all as tough as Dirty Harry. I just wish I saw more when I was in the City of what they talk about in these spots…

‘The Avengers’ SuperBowl Trailer Is Online Now

The Avengers aired its SuperBowl spot earlier tonight, and chances are you are one of the many who saw it. But just in case you haven’t, I’ll give you a very brief summary: It features some of the best footage we’ve seen outside of Comic-Con so far, lending more camera time to Loki, his yet-unidentified alien army and The Hulk. The extended version of the trailer is up on the Avengers’ Facebook page now. Check it out below:

This looks fantastic. Can’t wait to see more.

TERRA NOVA is Going to Crash Your Par-Tay This Fall!

During the Superbowl, I was very unimpressed with the movie previews we were treated to during the commercial breaks. Captain America seemed to be the only one that really stood out, but that was a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ affair. But there was a TV preview that looked exceptional, it was called Terra Nova.

At first glance it looked like a movie, and being it was produced by Steven Spielberg you can’t help but think it’s going to be an instant hit. Initially I was surprised to see it was made for TV and not a major theater release. And I’m fine with it being on TV so as long as the production value is top-notch and there is a good cast.

The production value will remain to be seen past the trailer, but the quality cast is already evident upon seeing THE Stephen Lang, whom many know as ‘Colonel Quaritch’ from James Cameron’s Avatar. Here at Grizzly Bomb though, he is honorably known as the Party Crasher!

The story of Terra Nova revolves around a family living on Earth in the year 2149. The Earth at this point is a dying planet due to war, pollution and Justin Bieber overload.

Bieber – Ended!

A family, the Shannons, are then transported back in time 85 million years to the prehistoric era when dinosaurs roamed the earth. There they find themselves among a colony of humans called Terra Nova.

The Superbowl trailer teased not only with the show but also a sneak preview in May. However, according to an article at IGN the show will not be seen at all until fall this year. Not even a preview due to the effects not being finished. As much as I want to see Stephen Lang crashing a dinosaur’s par-tay, it would be best if they didn’t present us a preview with half-assed effects, that would just kill it for us.

But have no fear, if you’re in need of a Party Crasher fix, he will be with us soon enough in August when he destroys Conan the Barbarian!

Captain America, Christina Aguilera, and Detroit, all at the Super Bowl

Last night was Super Bowl 45. As Vegas predicted the Packers won a close game despite some big injuries, and Ben Rapelesberger was denied his 3rd ring in 6 years. It was a good game, and as much as I hate the Lion’s division rival, Green Bay has a loyal fan base and I’m happy for them.

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