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A Very GB Mother’s Day: Our Best TV Moms!

Here at Grizzly Bomb we wanted to do a little something for Mother’s Day, and we’ve decided to share our favorite TV Mom’s, and what makes them great. Some of the videos are NSFW, consider yourself warned.

Dr. Kronner – Morticia Addams

A character originating in the 1930s from New Yorker comic strips, Morticia Addams was the matriarch of the coolest family on TV. Much of my childhood was spent watching the 5-7 pm block on the old Family Channel which contained 2 episodes of Batman, as well as 2 episodes of The Addams Family. This may be why I was the only 8 year old I knew who was really excited for the 1991 movie. Anyhow, I loved that show, and it was all held together by the object of Gomez Addams’ affection – Morticia. Played for 64 episodes between 1964 and 1966 by Carolyn Jones (who was also on the 60s Batman show). She would later reprise her role multiple times, maybe most notably in my favorite 70s cartoon – The New Scooby Doo Movies (Where Jodie Foster voiced Pugsley Addams). 

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