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The Evil Within Review: Survival Horror Gets A Satisfying New Game

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” FDR’s most poignant statement rings true here, but The Evil Within gives way more things to be afraid of. Shinji Mikami‘s one of gaming’s most prolific developers thanks to this work on the Resident Evil series. His newest survival horror adventure adopts the best elements of his former games and offers in a brand new package that’s equal parts terrifying and enjoyable.

The Evil Within’s plot is pretty hard to fit into one simple summary. From the start of the game, you take control of a veteran police detective by the name of Sebastian Castellanos.  Sebastian and his allies in the force respond to a distress call from an insane asylum. Upon their arrival, they come upon a gory scene and a mysterious individual with frightening abilities. Sebastian is forced to deal with all the puzzling horrors that populate his physical and mental being as he looks to discover this powerful villain. The story doesn’t become quite clear for a while, which can be annoying for some. Moving through each chapter means will get you closer and closer to the overall storyline, but getting there definitely takes some time.

The Evil Within

The game’s mechanics should be a breeze to anyone who’s played Resident Evil 4 and its long list of successors. Sebastian is controlled from a behind-the-back, 3rd-person viewpoint. As you should expect, the aiming/shooting controls are mapped comfortably to the shoulder buttons. Sebastian’s arsenal includes a pistol, a shotgun, a sniper rifle and a very special crossbow that goes by the moniker of “Agony.” Shooting down dozens of haunting creatures feels very satisfying and visceral, as you have the ability to aim at different body parts. Performing one hit melee kills also feels great (in a sick and twisted sort of way).

The Evil Within ditches the run and gun gameplay of Resident Evil’s post-survival horror status and adopts its more traditional survival horror antics. Ammo is scarce, there are rare moments of sunshine, plenty of violent goons are on your tail and mind-bending puzzles await you at various intervals. You’ll no doubt get sucked into the madness that takes over Sebastian at times. Moving into the plane where you upgrade and save is a harrowing but memorable experience all unto itself. The rest of the game’s jump scares and intense boss encounters guarantee you’ll be on edge but also be in the middle of having fun.

The Evil Within

The biggest issue with The Evil Within comes from its graphical hiccups from time to time. As cut scenes begin, it’s hard not to notice the texture pop-in and rough visuals. The dark interiors and heart wrenching environments fit the mood of the game, but they appear to be a bit rough and unfinished. The monster designs are nothing to scoff at though. Once you set your eyes on a certain deformed canine and relentless female creature, you won’t ever forget them. It’s just too bad that the graphics take a hit from time to time during the more involved scenes of the game. As for the sound, everything is just right in the audio department. Getting entrenched in this survival horror adventure feels even better with headphones on.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a quality horror adventure that revives the feeling of dread and unimaginable fear that was present during Resident Evil’s early beginnings. While the plot takes a bit long to start becoming clear and the visual hiccups are damaging, the overall experience here should be experienced. You’ll want to discover every creepy crawly and disturbed nightmare that lies within The Evil Within.

 Images: Tango Gameworks, Bethesda Games

The Evil Within: The Most Horrific Haunts

The Evil Within is going out of its way to actually frighten you. This survival horror game is all about the tense feeling you experienced during extended sessions of classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The psychotic denizens who will chase you and try to rip your soul from your living frame are some of the scariest creatures in gaming history. We managed to speak with Shinji Mikami, the brains behind The Evil Within, who gave us a description of the creepy bastards who exist to make your life a living hell. Stop bein’ a lil’ punk and make sure you’re ready to combat these horrific haunts.


Voiced by Academy Award nominee Jackie Earle Haley, Ruvik is the main antagonist in The Evil Within. Shrouded in mystery and cloaked in a sinister hood, you never know when Ruvik will make an appearance.

The Evil Within

The Keeper

The Keeper came about a year and a half into development. He was nicknamed “Boxman” by the team and ultimately became a character that changed the look of The Evil Within and turned it into the game you see today.

The Evil Within

Laura Creature

The Laura Creature’s design was aiming to blend Japanese monsters with Western creatures, which resulted in putting her on all fours and having her move like a spider. Classic Japanese horror films inspired her look, as they usually feature creepy women with long, dark hair. The creature wears shoes in order to keep a piece of her humanity in her design, but we don’t recommend sticking around long enough to notice.

The Evil Wihin

The Haunted

Although sluggish, The Haunted are not to be trifled with. While all undead are called The Haunted, they vary visually and can be seen using various weapons.

The Evil Within


The Evil Within: Interview with Shinji Mikami

Halloween still scares the living crap out of us. We can’t deal with the abundance of films and video games that feature creepy dolls, undead minions, chainsaw wielding maniacs and flesh eating zombies. Out stomachs are a little uneasy now that we know what will be the scariest game of October 2014 – The Evil Within. The brainchild and video game development genius that is Shinji Mikami has lent his expertise toward the production of this horrifying release. He took some time away from crafting nightmarish creatures and scenarios to answer a few questions. We present to you this exclusive interview with the “father of survival horror” Shinji Mikami.

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