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NetFlix Releases Final Trailer for Daredevil’s Second Season

Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, and Karen Page attacked from different angles in season one, and their efforts combined to bring down the Kingpin and deliver us an excellent new series to binge. It was the first of the new Marvel shows on the streaming giant NetFlix, and it exceeded the expectations of most fans, setting a tone that Jessica Jones was able to beautifully followup.

Now here we are, into year two of Marvel’s NetFlix lineup, and before the Luke Cage show premieres September 30th, fan outcry has forced a second showing from the devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Today, the final trailer before Friday’s release dropped…

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New Daredevil Season 2 Trailers Feature the Rise of the Hand

You know, you’re one bad day away from being me.

After a stellar freshman effort, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is set to return to NetFlix, this time with Elektra and the Punisher in tow. Now less than a month away, Matt Murdock and company will again star in a marathon of NetFlix binge-bait. And while promotional stuff was slow to appear the last few months, it’s now coming out at a remarkable rate. Posters and trailers and the promise of satisfaction for those who doubted that show runners could duplicate the quality of the first season.

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Marvel’s NetFlix: Jessica Jones Teaser, The Punisher & Lots of Casting

When Daredevil premiered on NetFlix back in April, it exceeded most everyone’s expectations. As a result, the bar was raised significantly for the rest of Marvel’s upcoming NetFlix shows. The next of said shows to premiere is Jessica Jones, and the date of its release was just announced;

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Daredevil Gets Second Season in 2016, The Punisher to Follow?

The GrizzlyBomb office was tuned in on April 10th when Marvel’s Daredevil was released on Netflix in it’s entirety, commencing a binge session that left us tired, hungry, and happy. Happy because some of our favorite characters were finally given the treatment they deserved, and tired, because 13 hours of awesomeness does that.

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The Predator And Some Of Archie’s Other Greatest Crossovers

Archie comics are certainly diverse in their output. Starting in 1942, it’s one of the longest running series in all of comicdom, following the adventures of Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica as they go about their lives in Riverdale. The amazing thing about the franchise, it also manages to come up with some extremely novel ideas and concepts. Much like his superhero counterparts, Archie has been part of a gay wedding, met the president, grown up, and in a controversial turn of events; died.

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Judge Dredd: Fan Films And Animation Keep Character Alive Onscreen

Let’s face some harsh facts here, Dredd fans. As much as we want it to happen (and we really do), it’s becoming more and more unlikely that we will ever see Karl Urban suit up in the Mega City One gear again. But Dredd fans shouldn’t be too disheartened. There is a plethora of Judge related videos out there, a lot of them made by fans that are keen to keep the adventures of Joe Dredd alive and kicking.

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Hero Express – Iron Man, The Avengers, Spidey and The Punisher on TV?

Welcome back to the Hero Express, your one-stop sometimes SPOILER filled shop through the news filled world of superhero’s in Film, TV, Video Games and whatever else floats your boat.

This is the Hero Express for November 6th, 2011

Punisher series coming to TV – (Gamma Squad)

Fox is set to shoot a pilot for a new television show based on The Punisher. The series will be produced by Ed Bernero, who’s worked on Criminal Minds and the actual real life Chicago police force.

“[It will] focus on NYPD detective Frank Castle, whose alter ego is that of a vigilante seeking justice for those failed by the court system.”

Sounds like if it’s given a chance and enough mature content, we could get a Frank Castle worth watching.

Shane Black Speaks on ‘Iron Man 3’ – (Slash Film)

Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), Jon Favreau’s replacement director for Iron Man 3, had some important things to say regarding the upcoming Tony Stark picture, beginning with a dismissal of The Mandarin as a possible villain. Black didn’t reveal any possible villains for the movie but denied the inclusion of The Mandarin, calling the character a “racist caricature”.

You’re saying “Chinese Magician” does NOT make for a great villain?

Black went on to say that while Iron Man 3 may refer to the other Avengers in the movie, there won’t be any super-hero cameos by other members of the team.

And now for the big stuff: Black confirmed that Iron Man 3 will not tap into the ‘Demon in a Bottle’ story arc.

“No, because if we go there — it’s part of Tony’s character, but I think the “Demon In A Bottle” aspect, if you go there, you really have to go there. The film then becomes about that, because the journey that involves recovering from alcoholism is an entire movie. I mean, I want to keep it dark and interesting and edgy and spicy and all those things, but I don’t think we want to go as far as to deal with Tony’s descent into alcoholic madness. That’s maybe not where we want to be.”

Later on, he went into what makes the franchise successful:

“Iron Man is a different type of property, in a way, because Robert Downey is a different type of actor, number one. If you look at the first “Iron Man,” the events of the story feels like the crossover between what’s in a comic book and what’s in real life. There’s always been the tendency to make Iron Man the real-world superhero who deals with things a bit more rooted in geopolitical reality and then have comic book elements added. What’s interesting to me about the first movie, and to some extent the second movie, is the character. If you’re really paying attention to the story, the more people care about the character, the more people will care about the outcome, I think.”

The interview in its entirety is at Comic Book Resources.

New Trailer & interview for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Rhys Ifans, playing The Lizard in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot talked a bit at Comic-Con about director Marc Webb’s vision for the movie, and gave some insight to his approach to playing the Spidey villain:

Additionally, here’s your official teaser for the film:

Run-Down of Avengers Footage Shown at NYCC – (Superhero Hype)

As is the norm with Comic-Con footage, the Avengers panel showed attendees an exclusive scene from the movie that you won’t be able to find online or anywhere else. However as is also the norm,  you can read a description of the scene as transcribed by someone viewing it first-hand. Here’s a snippet of the scene, where Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) confronts Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo):

“The extended scene begins with a little girl running through the streets and crowded marketplace of what’s clearly India, arriving at the door of a building where a woman tells her to leave because “there is sickness here.” We go inside and we see that Ruffalo’s Dr. Banner has been working there, trying to help the sick people and the little girl pleads with him to help her father (both of them speaking in Hindi). He follows her out to a remote rundown shack on the outskirts of the city with goats tied up outside, and when he follows the little girl into the shack, she jumps right out the window.

It’s a trap!

Scarlett Johansson walks out of the shadows and says that for a man who is supposed to be avoiding stress, he picked a weird country to come to, and they have a bit of small talk in the way of introduction of what brought them both there. Banner makes a comment about the little girl they used to trap him, saying that “they’re starting agents very young,” and she tells him that she started that young.”

You can find the rest of the scene here, which you should definitely do right now.

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Marvel Comics Review: The Punisher #1

I have four words to say after reading this comic book: Thank you Mr. Rucka. The fresh start (and another #1 from Marvel) for Frank Castle has been one of my favorites from Marvel so far. Daredevil was great and Moon Knight is right behind but after all of the garbage that The Punisher character has been through this issue was nothing but win all the way through.

Frank Castle was like a ghost in this issue, lurking in the shadows before he would strike and when he did it was fast, bloody and brutal. This is the best Punisher since the MAX series by Garth Ennis, but it’s a step below it in regards to violence and swearing. I don’t mind the swearing being gone and the violence is only one notch down. They aren’t shy with it. I can’t believe I’m saying this but he almost reminded me of Spawn in this issue the way he showed up a couple times, took out some scum and departed.

Obviously I don’t want to see the whole series be about the detective in this story, Walter Bolt, while Castle is just some force of nature lurking in the shadows. I honestly can’t remember where Castle’s story left off because the character took a downward spiral after Civil War and was in the toilet with the abomination that was Franken Castle.

So now I’m hoping to see what Frank Castle has been up to since Franken Castle and what his relationship with Detective Bolt is. I give the issue a five out of five bears.

The art, story and return of Frank Castle was truly epic. It may seem like a quick reed because of this dialogue free opening and the last part that recollects events through a police report but the whole thing just flowed seamlessly. Excellent work by Greg Rucka and the artist Marco Checchetto in bringing the Punisher back to respectability. This $3.99 comic is worth every penny and there will be a new one out in two weeks! I can’t wait!