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Jason Edmiston Interview: Mondo’s A Rogues Gallery

The powers that be over at Mondo certainly have a knack for picking great artists to feature in their gallery shows, and this next one is certainly no exception. From August 23rd until September 14th, The Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas will host Jason Edmiston’s first ever solo exhibit; A Rogues Gallery.

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‘They Live’ Remake…well, sorta.

Deadline reports that Universal will be making a movie based on the short story “8 O’Clock in the Morning”. It is the same story that was the basis for the Sci Fi cult classic They Live. It will be directed by Matt Reeves, who also helmed Let Me In and Cloverfield.

If you haven’t seen They Live, or at the very least don’t even know what it is, then I advise you start living and watch it. The story is simple. A drifter played by Rowdy Roddy Piper (yes, the wrestler) stumbles upon some sunglasses that can spot aliens that are living amongst us. Not only that, these ugly-looking bastards are mind numbing and controlling us through subliminal messages that make us into consumers who only value material goods. Piper of course goes on a rampage with my hero Keith David after they enjoy an epic 5 minute fight scene (cut with the South Park parody). It may be long but trust me, it’s five minutes well worth the time:

So even though this new movie is based on of the same story as They Live was, it’s not going to follow all of the elements from the John Carpenter version. That means no alien revealing sun glasses, and more than likely, no Roddy Piper! Blasphemy if you ask me.

They will instead opt to skip the glasses and rely on our protagonist having a ‘sudden realization’ and spotting the aliens after his epiphany. I feel like they really could have capitalized off of the 3D fad with this one. They is one of the few movies where the 3D glasses could’ve really been put to good use, maybe taken it a step further too. Perhaps they could have layered the film by having the 3D glasses serve the same purpose as the ones in the movie. You take them off, regular human on-screen, put them back on – formaldehyde face! Ah what could have been.

No word yet on expected release date, but there better at least be a Roddy Piper cameo in the movie somewhere.

If you check out the video below you won’t find a better movie quote…ever! And long before Duke Nukem I might add…