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Money Plane Trailer: WWE’s Edge Robs a Flying Casino… Yup

Quiver Distribution released a new official trailer for Money Plane, a crime heist thriller from actor-turned-filmmaker Andrew Lawrence (star of TV’s Blossom!) and starring both WWE’s Edge and Kelsey Grammer.

Money Plane follows a professional thief, Jack Reese (played by Adam “Edge” Copeland), who is $40 million in debt. With his family’s life on the line, he must commit one final heist – Rob a futuristic airborne casino filled with the world’s most dangerous criminals, including head baddie, Frasier!

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CCI 2012: ”, Marvel Animation, & Thomas Jane’s Punisher-esque ‘Dirty Laundry’! [UPDATED]

Marvel has had a pretty big presence at CCI for the last few years, and this year was no different. While the Marvel Studios panel pretty much blew me away this year, that wasn’t the only crop of news the company delivered. We’ve got a few short films, and some new details on Marvel’s Animation slate.

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LA Noir: New Show to Feature Thomas Jane, Simon Pegg, and Some Walking Dead Alum…

Frank Darabont’s new TV show adaptation for L.A.Noir is in the works, and according to The Hollywood Reporter Darabont is looking at Thomas Jane (Hung) for the role of mobster Bugsy Siegel for the TNT drama. Jane was not in the pilot for the show, as he was unavailable for filming.

Darabont has already picked up some pretty impressive cast members for L.A. Noir. In fact, some are from the Walking Dead! Former The Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal (Shane in TWD) has been cast as Joe Teague, an LAPD cop. Jeffrey DeMunn and Andrew Rothenberg are also going to be a part of the show.

In addition to the Walking Dead alumni, the show will also have Simon Pegg, one of my favorites! According to Indiewire.com Pegg is noted to be a guest star on the show, implying that his role wouldn’t continue for long if the show is picked up. Pegg does already have experience with filming about law enforcement…

Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes) is also said to be a part of this crime drama. Ventimiglia will be playing a WWII buddy of Bernthal’s character who returns later as a lawyer. His character will also be a “fixer” for the mob.

The show is based on the book L.A. Noir: The Struggle for the Soul of America’s Most Seductive City

The image of Los Angeles that exists in the minds of many here in the effete East only occasionally coincides with the reality. We sneer at it as Lala Land or pine for its beaches and vistas and endless summers, but don’t know that it’s a city of heavy manufacturing and movie-making — as well as a city that lies under the constant threat of devastating fires. We delight in the classic L.A. crime novels of Raymond Chandler and the contemporary ones of Michael Connelly, but we have only the vaguest understanding that the crime and corruption they depict are not aberrations but essential to the city’s character.

I am very excited for this show! With Frank Darabont involved, not to mention the amazing acting talent, this could be my next favorite show!

HBO’s ‘Hung’: Season 3 – Teaser Trailer

I’m a fan of HBO’s Hung, though I admit I really only started watching it because of the fact it was shot locally, and the into shows lots of downtown, and the Black Keys song “I’ll Be Your Man” is awesome. For those of you in the greater Detroit area, if you haven’t seen the show you might enjoy in the intro…

Boom. Lots of Detroit. The show itself, about a high-school teacher turned man-whore was a concept I was unsure would last. But it has, and Season 2 was pretty solid, I particularly liked the episode with the alumni baseball game. So now, with season 3 about to launch, Ray has some competition. Check out the trailer…

I love Lenore, she’s such a bitch. (Plus she was on Justified)

And finally, as required by internet law, after mentioning man-whore…