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The First ‘Iron Man 3’ Trailer has Arrived!

So first we had the teaser for the trailer, and now we have the teaser trailer…

Explosions! Iron Man suit without Tony Stark! The Mandarin played by the perennially sexy Ben Kingsley! Pepper Potts is kidnapped! And then strapped into the Mr. Freeze roller coaster at Six Flags over St. Louis! I don’t know if that’s right but it feels good so I’m going with it!

I’m part of the 1%… of people who actually like Gwyneth Paltrow and I like the movie character of Pepper Potts. So sue me, she’s cute and likable. Even though we did get a glimpse of Don Cheadle as James Rhodes (sidenote: if you aren’t watching House of Lies on Showtime, you are missing out), where was Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan?

Seriously- Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian. Just from what little we can see of the suit and the hair, it looks like he’s moments away from shooting at Crockett and Tubbs of Miami Vice fame.

Overall initial impression- I like it. I’m a big fan of when traditionally “happy” things turn a little dark. Tony Stark has always been the Whopper eating shit grinned billionaire playboy without many cares in the world (I mean there have been obvious cares to tend to but he’s done so usually with a somewhat good attitude) so it’s nice to see him be a little bit more introspective.

This obviously won’t be the only trailer released but even if it was, I’m excited. Marvel seems to have found their groove with this group of movies and for the time being, they aren’t feeling played out. Now ask me again when we reach Iron Man 7, but for now, I’m looking forward to Iron Man 3.

This doesn’t have a lot to do with Iron Man specifically but seeing his mountain side palace be blown to smithereens reminded me of it. I was listening to NPR the other day and a story came on about superheroes and their finances. It was entertaining, if nothing else. You can listen to it here and if you were so inclined you can order the book The Law of Superheroes from Amazon.

‘Iron Man 3’ Gets a Teaser…for the Trailer

On Tuesday, October 23rd, we will get a teaser trailer for the Iron Man 3. But because marketing are bunch a teases, like that hot catholic chick you knew in high school, we only get a peek of the goods until the big shot says so apparently. Here’s the teaser of the teaser trailer:

Soooo yeah. Pepper Potts apparently is in danger riding a roller coaster judging from the harness she’s in, Iron Man is saving falling people, paparazzi are bitches, and the back of the Mandarin’s head is…there. We’ll probably just have more questions when we see the actual trailer but for now, time to get your nerd boner up.

Thoughts? I know the director Shane Black thing is getting Dr. Kronner excited and after Iron Man 2, which sucked ass, this could be a new breath of fresh air. It looks good but that’s what a trailer does. I guess we’ll see on Tuesday so we can speculate more and hopefully, geek out a bit more. Hopefully I’ll have more educated guesses on what’s going on other than Gwyneth Paltrow riding the Millenium Force or something.

Avengers Assemble – Episodes 204, 205 & Ask an Avenger

Welcome back to our look at Avengers Assemble: The Series. We have had some hilarious moments in our time together. Whether its laughing at an out of time Captain America who just can’t seem to shed the political correctness of a different time, or a Hawkeye that has dipped his quiver in the majority of the female team and possibly Wonder Man. Muh huh. Muh huh. Muh huh.

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Avengers Assemble – Episodes 201, 202, & 203

Welcome to the second season of Avengers Assemble: The Series! And I of course mean welcome to OUR look at the second season, as it started a few months ago.


Anyway, The second season started off with a bang and kept on rolling with more hilarity and problems for the Avengers. Things to look forward to? Tony uses the Iron Man armor as collateral, Wonder Man’s sexuality is questioned, and the ridiculously awesome Mexican Avengers.

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GAME OF THRONES: 6 Clips from the Upcoming Season 2…

This Sunday will mark the much-anticipated return of HBO’s smash hit Game of Thrones. In preparation for the event, they have released 6 short clips from the upcoming sophomore season to further wet our appetites.

This is not one of them…


Yeah! Eat a bag of dicks Joffery!  Everyone feel better now?

Ok, on to the actual stuff…

 CLIP 1: We start with Daenerys Targaryen and her Dragons. What this tells us is, if anyone was expecting to see full grown flying bringers of Fiery Death in Season 2, they’re gonna likely be disappointed. Looks like it’ll be a while before these things are waging war on the Crown.

 CLIP 2: Ahh, King Joffery gets once again verbally bitchslapped by his  impossibly awesome Uncle. We also see Sansa Stark none to pleased to be holding the seat she once coveted, nex to the Boy King.

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The Sinister Six Returns in ‘Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth!’

Happy 50th Birthday Spidey! Just in case everyone missed the memo, it’s our resident wall-crawler’s 50th anniversary this year! And what better way to celebrate than getting his ass kicked back and forth between a newly formed Sinister Six? That’s exactly what ole’ webhead has to look forward to in the upcoming ‘Ends of the Earth’ story arc hitting shelves this month in March and carrying over into the summer.

And who is the main villain spearheading this new assault not only on Spiderman, but the world itself? Well who else but Doc Ock himself, who hasn’t been too credible of a threat in the years past to his arch nemesis but has been making power plays throughout the Marvel U, as writer Dan Slott points out in an interview with Comic Book Resources:

 As for Dr. Octopus himself, the villain has shown up in a number of other titles, which Slott said has been building to the story he has planned. “We’ve seen Doc Ock and the Sinister Six slowly building and percolating this master plan,” he said. “On the way it’s stretched out into the Marvel Universe proper. We’ve seen Doc Ock totally smack down Iron Man. He totally wiped the floor with Hank Pym’s team in ‘Avengers Academy.’ Over in ‘Spider-Man’ during an FF team up, Doc Ock pwned Reed Richards! He took over the Baxter Building and stole all kinds of stuff. Doc Ock’s been taking out the biggest brains on his stomp to global domination.”

 The Iron Man issues featuring Doctor Octopus were excellent, and not to mention beautifully drawn by Salvador Larocca. It showed us a glimpse of Otto in the past and his dealings with Stark’s family business and not to mention he pretty much beat Iron Man in his own way. To me, this arc is huge in terms of the Sinister Six. The Sinister Six, although cool in theory was only a big thing because it was a villain team up and their main goal was to destroy Spidey. This time though they are going to be helping Doctor Octopus in his bid for world domination and from the looks of some of the teasers it appears that they will be going to some extremely grim measures.

Slott also mentioned that even though the Sinister Six would be starting off with certain members that they would be different by the end of the arc. Does that mean deaths or good old fashioned ass whoopings from Spiderman? We’ll have to wait and find out. Check out the starting lineup and awesome cover art for the Sinister Six in Ends of the Earth:

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Hero Express: Avengers Edition

Welcome back to the Hero Express, your one-stop sometimes SPOILER filled shop through the news filled world of superhero’s in Film and TV.

This is the Hero Avengers Express for January 13th, 2012:

Two New International Banner Posters – (What Culture!)

Tired of looking at individual posters for each character in The Avengers? Well you and your oddly specific frustrations are in luck, because Marvel have put out these banners which group the cast together for your visual pleasure:

German Trailer Reveals New Footage – (Gamma Squad)

Germany’s dubbed version of the official Avengers trailer featured some extra footage that you might not have seen before. If my memory serves, the scene in which Black Widow confronts Bruce Banner was shown at Comic Con, and makes its reappearance here. Gamma Squad has a rough translation of the dialogue. I’ve highlighted the parts which don’t feature in the North American version:

Loki: At the end everyone is responsible for himself.
???: What are we doing?
Nick Fury: We’re getting ready. We had the plan to form a group of extraordinary people.
Black Widow: You have to join us.
Bruce Banner: And when I say no?
Black Widow: Then I will convince you.
Tony Stark: Let’s see who we got. We have some assassins. A man with breathtaking anger management problems.
Hulk: [roars]
Tony Stark: A demigod, a super soldier, and me.
Nick Fury: Gentlemen what are you ready to do?
Tony Stark: Don’t get angry but I don’t play well with others.
Captain America: A big man in Armor. Take it away what’s left?
Tony Stark: A genius, billionaire philanthropist.
Thor: [laughs]
Thor: You have no idea what you are dealing with.
Bruce Banner: We are no team. We are a time bomb.
Tony Stark: When we can’t protect the world, we can avenge it. Back to training.

Two New Badass Stills – (Geek Tyrant)

Geek Tyrant’s got two really nice stills from the official trailer. There’s really not much more to say about it, so here they are:


It’s subtle, but you can see some nice refinements to Iron Man here. It’s particularly more visible in motion, near the end of the trailer. It also looks like the CG suit blends more cohesively with the environment than it did in the past Iron Man films (although the effects in those were great to begin with).

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ITGS: Avengers Assemble’s Chris Burns

We write a lot of articles here at Grizzly Bomb about TV shows, movies, comics… pretty much anything and everything entertainment related. But it’s always coming from our perspective, our point of view. So it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the newest feature at GB, where we will take it to another level, and see it from a different perspective. Where he head… Inside The Grizzly Studio.

For the past few weeks I’ve been showing you one of my new favorite things, Avengers Assemble: The Series. You can check out some of the episodes here, here and here. Season 2 recently premiered over at avengersassembletheseries.com, and it was hilarious. Some of the cast were gracious enough to talk with us about the series and Season 2, which is where we’ll start off today.

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Avengers Assemble: The Series – Episodes 3, 4 and 5

It’s been a little while since I visited this web series, and my life has definitely been lacking some Avengers humor. So it’s only fair that to make up for that I will be bringing you three episodes this post! Three!

And no, I’m not doing that because Season 2 starts today and I want to catch up. Really. Mostly.

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Avengers Assemble: The Series – Episode 2 ‘Jobs’

Hope everyone enjoyed our first look at Avengers Assemble: The Series. If you missed the first episode you can check it out here. In the second episode the Avengers meet to discuss possibly the most evil and vile villain they have ever faced…

The Economy

Meanwhile… At Avengers Tower…

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