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The Red Drum Getaway: Hitchcock Meets Kubrick In New Mashup

In this fascinating short film called “The Red Drum Getaway” which takes footage from many Hitchcock films like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window and Vertigo and combines it with excerpts from a number of Kubrick films.

It’s interesting to note that the video contains only color films so no Lolita or Dr. Strangelove. Check it out below: [NSFW]

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Kris Grape’s ‘Space Geography’

Who is Kris Grape? He’s a man obsessed by caps lock and bad spelling; a man who has sent a vaguely threatening e-mail to Filmdrunk; a man who is making a low-budget, indie SF film entitled ‘Space Geography’. And it looks crap.

Here is Grape’s description of his film – from his crazed e-mail to Filmdrunk (and this is a direct quote – spelling mistakes and all – go to Filmdrunk to read all of the craziness) :


If the film does indeed contain any of these things it fails to show in the trailer. Especially the “AVCTION”. Words can not do the trailer justice. You should watch it. watch it and hope it never escapes, never mind gets released…take a look.

I have watched it several times. It doesn’t get any better. I like ‘bad’ movies, but I like them to have some sort of entertainment value – even if it’s just unintentional  humor. This would, probably, stop being funny really fast.

I have also – in the name of research (yes I did some research) – sat through several – mercifully short – effects test shorts on his Vimeo and Youtube pages. And all I can say is that if these are indicative of the effects to be used in this film…well it should be shot and put out of its misery – and then set on fire.

Grape is going to release another trailer for this horrific looking abomination soon – which may or may not be shown here. I’m guessing not though.

I am now going to drink large quantities of vodka in a vain attempt to erase this from my mind.

Watch 3 Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts Right Now

The Oscars are fast approaching, which means it’s time to check the list of nominees and watch as many of the nominated films as humanly possible. Of course, for a regular movie-goer like myself, not only would watching 61 movies in two months be a questionable management of priorities, it’s also nearly impossible to get access to some of the smaller, less mainstream films on the list. However three Oscar-worthy animated shorts you’d likely not have the opportunity to see are now streaming online for free for your viewing pleasure. Here they are:

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‘Star Wars Uncut’ Fan Film Is Now Online

In 2009, web developer Casey Pugh began a massive undertaking to remake Star Wars IV: A New Hope shot-for-shot. But instead of hiring a crew and casting actors, Pugh opened the project to hundreds of strangers; Star Wars Uncut is the result of close t0 500 15-second clips re-shot by fans and uploaded to a website, where Pugh and his team worked tirelessly to edit them all together into something amazing.

The process was simple – Anyone who wanted to participate simply went to Star Wars Uncut and reserved a 15-second segment of the movie, and were free to recreate it however they liked. There were no limitations on creativity, which meant submissions ran the gamut from live-action to animation, with actors and environments changing vastly second to second. It must have been a continuity nightmare for Pugh’s crew but somehow they managed to make 4 transitions-per-minute feel surprisingly fluid and still hold on to that amateur film charm. And you can see it for yourself because now the Star Wars Uncut Director’s Cut is finally available on the internet for everyone to see. The 2-hour long film is streaming on Vimeo and on Youtube:

And how do I know so much about the creation process? I was lucky enough to participate in the project, after it was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. We spent 2 hours shooting in the halls of our university’s science building for a 15-second payoff. And being a part of it all is totally worth it (You can see the four of us from the 2:55 mark until 3:10. I am the rebel in the white shirt).

 At the beginning of Star Wars Uncut‘s production, Pugh stated he would consider continuing with the other Star Wars films if A New Hope‘s was successful. I can’t imagine a bigger success than this: Star Wars Uncut won the Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media, in 2010. I don’t know if there’s been any official word on an Uncut sequel, but I’d love to see a sweded version of Empire Strikes Back.