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Haunter: Trailer for New Vincenzo Natali Horror Flick

After a tremendous start with the low-budget horror film Cube, director Vincenzo Natali has had a hit or miss track record since, most recently being the tantalizing, twisted film Splice. But if his films prove anything, it’s that they’re different, which to me, warrants a viewing.

So that brings us to his newest flick Haunter starring Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) in the lead, and Stephen McHattie (300, Hellmouth) as I believe the antagonistic killer. The listed premise seems intentionally vague, which could mean there’s quite a few twists in the film that are hidden, cause the trailer hints at more, but here it is via IMDb : The ghost of a teenager who died years ago reaches out to the land of the living in order to save someone from suffering her same fate. Check out the Haunter trailer below.

The trailer is pretty good, giving us a hint that the film hopefully pushes the boundaries of the standard haunted house flick. That said, reviews I’ve read so far have been mixed, with some saying it’s better than the average horror film, but others straight up panning it. Then again, Natali’s other films weren’t for everyone, so if you’re a fan of his previous flicks, this could be right up your ally. The official synopsis of Haunter can be seen on the SXSW website, but other sites have reported it gives away hidden details, so I’ll leave it up to you if you want to read it.

Haunter hits theaters and Video-on-Demand October 18th.