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Arrow: 1.20 – Home Invasion

We are in the homestretch of season one!!!

Home Invasion

Seems like just yesterday we stumbled into Starling City and learned that Oliver Queen had a family and an ex-girlfriend named Laurel Lance and a best friend named Tommy Merlyn and now look where we are. There’s an entire Arrow posse that is teaming up to take down the baddies and looking fantastic while doing so. Hard to believe there’s only three episodes left until next October (I’d say September but the CW started in October this year and I imagine they’ll do the same next year), but let’s not focus on the long Arrow-less summer, rather let’s dive right in to this week’s episode, Home Invasion!

Home Invasion, Arrow
Credit to: GypsyHeartLove

I’m going to start with Thea and Roy because there were a small side story this episode with most of the time going to Laurel and Oliver and a hired gun but I felt it necessary to lead off with this moment from Felicity. I think she just gets better each week! Now she’s going from one moment lamenting a trip to Guantanamo Bay and the next she’s reminding Oliver what she could do to him if he were to let it be known she dyes her hair. This chick is just awesome.

Arrow, Home Invasion
“Is that a police radio in your pocket?”
Credit to: ScruffyDean

Okay, Roy and Thea. If I wasn’t already certain that Roy Harper was going to be THE Roy Harper, I am after this episode. He thieves a police radio so he can try and track down the vigilante, somehow Detective Lance who was completely unaware of a bug on his phone for an unknown period of time (for all we know it could still be there as they’ve never mentioned it again – annoyance) noticed this and devised a way to trap the hoodlum. Of course that leads to him telling Thea how much he feels he owes the vigilante and blah blah, he’s going to be Speedy, I imagine they’ll have both Thea and Roy find out about Oliver in the season finale.

Arrow, Home Invasion

I feel like it’s been way too long since we had a nice workout scene. This one was way too short thanks to that jackass fun ruiner Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot. Let me just say, unlike the Count from episode 19 who sadly came back as a non-issue, I’m really liking how they’ve played Deadshot through the season. Of course, at first it seemed as if they were going to make him a one shot wonder, but the story line of Diggle distancing himself from Oliver’s list to start his own is really appealing. Of course he wants to go after Deadshot and of course Oliver will help him… or will he?

This week’s bad guy was an assassin hired by another dirtbag businessman Rasmus. Enter the home invasion of “Home Invasion”. That dude was rather efficient. You’d think as a seasoned assassin he’d at least attempt to go after the 10 year old that he wants to kill, but let’s not be foolish, it’s not as if a grown man can outrun a gradeschooler. No it is much better to just go ahead and leave that loose end to be finished off later.

Speaking of really bonehead moves…

Home Invasion, Arrow
Credit to: TheBoyInTheRedHoodie

I am really glad that Laurel’s father taught her how to handle a gun. However, I’m fairly certain that he probably also told her to make sure that if you are going in with only one shell, make sure it counts. Otherwise you do this badass move to pump the shotgun only to look like an idiot when it’s empty. Thankfully Oliver swoops in to save the day, somewhat to Tommy’s chagrin. Of course this was after Tommy had a little heart to heart with the poor little orphan boy.

Home Invasion, Arrow

Look at those teary eyes! If that doesn’t make you sigh then you have a heart of stone. That was a very endearing moment. Of course Tommy is having a very emotional couple of weeks. First his father is an ass, then his best friend tells him he’s been lying/withholding truth, and now he’s having to deal with now ex-best friend being the human equivalent of Mighty Mouse and swooping in to save the day. Poor guy, I just want to give him a hug.

Home Invasion, Arrow
Credit to: Maradyer

So now Tommy, Laurel, and the kid are at the Queen mansion. How awkward is that? Nothing like playing house in the house of your ex-boyfriend while his mother tells you how much she liked her son dating you. Yea, that’s not cool. Even less cool would be Oliver, again. Although I do concede that this was a crappy decision to make, I’d probably go after the guy who has names of everyone he’s killed tattooed on his body, but I do recognize that it would be difficult to ignore the fact that your ex-girlfriend that you still love is target by proxy of the other contract killer. Really, when you are dealing with two assassins, perhaps it’s better to just flip a coin. Either way, someone is going to get hurt.

Home Invasion, Arrow

Unfortunately this time it was Diggle, quite literally. Well Diggle was hurt and his ARGUS cohorts were more than a little hurt. Best line of the episode was Deadshot telling Diggle that the reason he wasn’t going to kill him was someone hadn’t paid him to. Foreshadowing maybe? Hmmmm. What’s really got to chap Diggle’s ass though is yes Rasmus was jailed which was Oliver’s doing but in the end his assassin went off the reservation and went after the kid anyway. Well he did until Oliver stuck a fire poker through his chest. Ouch.

Home Invasion, Arrow
That probably hurt

So not only has Deadshot gotten away, again, but the assassin his killed anyway. I sort of can’t blame Diggle for leaving. I mean I feel badly for Oliver, but Diggle has a better leg to stand on with this one. Of course I want him to stick around but man, Oliver might have to do a bit of groveling. Diggle isn’t the only one leaving because in a move everyone saw a mile away, Tommy is leaving Laurel. So now he’s working for his father, he’s kaiboshed his friendship with Oliver, and he’s dumped Laurel. He’s either going to take a long walk off a short pier or he’s going to go into the real family business. I’m banking on the second.

Arrow, Home Invasion

The island story was short but full. We get to see more of the shaping of present day Oliver as Shado is teaching him to shoot. Oh and how to awkwardly tell a woman that there’s someone else. Awkward.

Speaking of people dumping other people, Yao Fei and I are OVER!! Fool me once and all that. How many times is he going to give up Oliver to Fyers? How many?!?!? I’m officially disbanding the Yao Fei fan club. No more Fei, no more.

Overall, I really liked this episode. Moved the plot along quite a bit and sets up quite a bit of action for the remaining three episodes. Going to have to go with a four out of five.

grizzly rating 4of5

Like Mr. Amell said, there are no breaks until the finale so we’ll be back next week – see you then!

Just because –

Arrow, Home Invasion

Arrow: 1.12 – “Vertigo”

So late this week! I apologize, I was too busy trying to get the Yao Fei fan club back together. That’s right, “Vertigo” has restored my faith in humanity! Yao Fei has redeemed himself in my eyes, as well as Ollie’s but more on that later. Let’s discuss the rest of the episode first.

As we learned last week, there is a new drug in Starling City and it’s a fantastic little trip called “vertigo”. Thea was enjoying it a bit too much as she found herself driving her car into a telephone pole. Of course the driver of the other car involved ended up dying so now Thea has been brought up on vehicular homicide charges. I can not be the only person that was hoping she’d go away to prison never to be heard from again. Especially with this episode! Oh my god they took teenage petulance way too far. You are looking to go to prison probably for a very long time if not the rest of your life and the only thing you’re worried about is if your mom was schtupping her son’s best friend’s father while her husband was missing? Seriously Thea? Just go off to jail and make everyone happier.

Of course Oliver just had to get involved in the case. He wouldn’t be Oliver if he didn’t. So he goes off to the police and meets and old flame, McKenna Hall (played by Janina Gavankar aka Shiva from ‘The League’) who is now a detective. Her name is very frustrating because how cool would it be to have Shiera (Sanders) Hall aka, Hawkgirl, on the show? That would be rather kickass. Of course it would be difficult given their “no meta superpowers” stance but still, it would be cool.


No shocker here, the police aren’t really too keen on having Oliver help them out. Also not a surprise, Oliver goes after him anyway. This episode fully illustrates how frustrating the writer’s decision to have the villains be one and done. Seth Gabel (Fringe) did an awesome job as ‘The Count’. I would love to see more of him. Obviously the way they left the episode certainly left the door open for his return but I’ve been saying that about Deadshot in the pilot so what do I know? Back to Gabel though – I loved him as Vertigo. He was sufficiently unhinged and just a bit manic to make it work. His first scene where he gave the guy the option to shoot himself or suffer the effects of ‘vertigo’? Deliciously evil.

Source: sshay

Another part of this episode I really liked? The call back to the third episode, “Lone Gunman”, when Diggle get’s shot with Deadshot’s poisoned bullet and Ollie takes him back to the Arrowcave to make him Yao Fei’s tea. This time Ollie gets a pretty substantial dose of ‘vertigo’ and Diggle is the one helping him back to the lair and fixing up a nice cuppa. Although Count Vertigo is gone, it looks like we’ll see his effect on at least the next episode as Oliver appears to be feeling a little off as this episode ends.Vertigo

Of course, it’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Felicity and she has been great in these last few episodes. The back and forth between she, Oliver, and Diggle have been something to look forward to each week. Of course really it’s the exchange between Felicity and Oliver and then the “you’ve got to be shitting me” reaction of Diggle.  He has perfected that “wtf is happening right now?” look.  Best look though? When Oliver “killed” the guy during the meet-up with Bratva. Hands down. Poor Diggle looked like Ollie had just punched him in the junk.

I damn near squealed with delight when we found out where Oliver learned the “kill a man but not really” trick. I’d like to say that I truly believed in my heart of hearts that Yao Fei was a good guy all along, but I had my doubts. I apologize Yao Fei, I should have known that you could never betray Oliver like that. I’m still not sure what your end game is but I’m happy to see that you at least have Oliver’s best interests at heart. I imagine it won’t be the last time we see you and your fellow ass-kicker, Deathstroke. I’ll be waiting with bated breath.


Thing I’m most looking forward to? Now that Felicity has given Oliver the book of names, surely he’s going to bring her onto Team Arrow. Right? (SPOILER) It only makes sense for how much longer can he keep up the ridiculous cover stories when he shows up asking her to Google things for him? We’ll just have to keep watching!

This episode wasn’t as good as last week, but was still pretty strong and the return of Yao Fei… going to go with a 3.5 out of five.

grizzly rating 3-5of5

Until next time Arrow fans!

Arrow, 1:11 – “Trust But Verify”

Yao Fei why have you betrayed me?!?!?!

Sorry I just had to get that out-of-the-way.

After last week’s lackluster episode, Arrow came back this week quite strongly and had a little bit for everyone in ‘Trust But Verify’.

Trust But Verify
This is for everyone.

So Oliver is back in the swing of things, working out as usual, and keeping his eye on the news. This time a rash of armored car heists catches his eye and shock of all shocks, there is a connection to his list! Diggle and Ollie have always had their little love spats but I really thought this one was going to put them over the edge. What I liked about this episode was the fact this back and forth between Diggle and Oliver[pullquote_right]I won’t let you William Tell an innocent man. -Diggle[/pullquote_right]needed to happen. Seriously Diggle is a saint for putting up with Ollie’s somewhat premenstrual mood swings not to mention the fact that he has gone into this whole superhero-but-not thing with little to no information and does Oliver appreciate that? Up until this week, it didn’t really seem like it. Thankfully they had the Blackhawk Protection Group and Ted Gaynor to bring them together. Oh and if this episode did nothing else, it provided more great one-liners to the show’s repertoire and finally someone (Diggle) named the lair, “Arrow Cave”! It’s about time, only took 11 episodes which means we’ll finally get a real name for the vigilante in about episode 23.

Trust But Verify

There was a lot going on with the rest of the friends and family, mostly temperamental brooding. Tommy I can understand as Malcolm does seem to be quite an ass using a “family” dinner with the girlfriend to hide his real intention of getting Tommy to sign off on the closing of his dead mom’s clinic. Of course we do find out that it appears as if Malcolm really does miss his wife and isn’t the heartless bastard we once thought but still, that was low. So yes, I think we can go ahead and forgive Tommy for his brooding.

Trust But Verify
This is Stephen Amell with a puppy- much more pleasant than annoying Thea Queen.

However, Thea? Someone either needs to kick some sense into her ass or just find her a therapist because sweet heavens above, she is messed up and not in that “oh this psychosis is cute” kind of way. She is reaching Dana from Homeland levels of ridiculousness when it comes to her mom. Granted a person’s first thought wouldn’t go to nefarious mystery kidnappings and boat sinking activities but a person can’t even talk to another without it being an affair? Come on Thea. Not only that but she is suffering badly from “I’m 18 and therefore know everything” disease. Sadly it will be at least another three or four years until she realizes she was completely wrong about everything. I don’t know if I can deal with her ridiculousness for that long. So much for the producers promising Thea would be less annoying this half of the season. Not even a car accident can make her less obnoxious. LIES!

Trust But Verify

As for lies, whoa Malcolm and Moira. I don’t even know what is going on with you two but it seems shady. And dangerous. And scary. What is Malcolm doing to Walter? Does he have him held hostage in some jail cell somewhere without access to a decent razor? Poor man was looking quite ragged. Of course no matter how smarmy Malcolm is, I can’t help but be intrigued by him. Why was his wife killed? Why is he such an ass to his son? Why did he become the Dark Archer? What are his life’s goal and aspirations? Why is he so good-looking? These are important questions that will hopefully be addressed soon.

Easily the most underrated person on the show? Felicity Smoak!

Trust But Verify
Credit to: yellina

She’s still hunkered down in her dark office (seriously it’s not good for the eyes to stare at a computer that long in the dark) thinking the Queen family is done with her services. But no! Here comes Oliver with a security fob that was obviously part of a search for a box of wine… or armored car heists, close enough. Of course it takes Felicity no time because she’s an intellectual badass. Unfortunately she’s an intellectual badass with no bottle of wine. Poor Felicity.

Trust But Verify
You cut me deep Shrek.

Which brings me to the most distressing part of this week’s episode. I am hurt and betrayed. As founding member and president of the Yao Fei fan club, I was blind to the inevitable and just went about my daysTrust But Verify believing that everything with Yao Fei and the island and Edward Fryers and Deathstroke was all hunky-dory when, as we all know now, it was not. As it turns out, Fei is working with Fryers and set up Oliver in a somewhat elaborate and seemingly unnecessary trap. If Fei was working with Fryers from the beginning, why didn’t he just bring Oliver to him when he found him? What was the purpose of “rescuing” him and teaching him cute little lessons all this time? Do we have a Most Dangerous Game situation on our hands? All I know is the fan club is over. Okay, maybe not completely over but at the very last disbanded until we have further information. For now, I’m with Oliver, I’m going to find it difficult to trust anyone. Damn you Yao Fei!

Overall, this was a great episode. Like I said earlier, had something for everyone. Going to have to go ahead and give this one a four out of five.

grizzly rating 4of5

This episode nicely set up next week where we get to meet Starling City’s version of Count Vertigo- until then Arrow fans!

Arrow: 1.09, “Year’s End”

Sorry for the lateness of this review Arrow fans, had a bit of technical difficulties but all is resolved now so let’s discuss the mid-season finale!

Last week was a good episode- had good progression of b plots, Huntress was further established and given an open door to return, and Diggle provided the voice of reason yet again. Oliver needs to listen to him more often. This week’s episode, ‘Year’s End’, felt like a see-saw between ridiculous and “holy shit!”

Arrow Year's End
Laurel as a “plus one”

Might as well start with the ridiculous. Oliver finds out his family hasn’t celebrated Christmas since he and his father disappeared and he takes it upon himself to bring back their annual Christmas party. What a guy. However, later on there was this whole thing with Tommy and Laurel and Tommy asking Laurel to be his plus one… why wasn’t Laurel invited in the first place? I get that there was some awkwardness after the horrible double date but to not invite her at all? Seems rather douchey Oliver.

Arrow Year's End
You two need something new to talk about.

Or perhaps he was just too busy trying to fend off the creepy advances of his sister. WTF is going on with Thea? I don’t know if it’s the actresses playing it that way or if it’s the way it’s written but it seems as if Thea is really wanting to get into Oliver’s pants. It makes me feel dirty just watching that last scene with Oliver in the hospital and them talking (again) about how they just need to accept where each other is at and blah blah blah. It seems as if they’ve just had the same discussion over and over and over again. Find something new to talk about Queen siblings and for the love of all that’s holy, stop undressing each other with your eyes! Blech.

Arrow Year's End

Most of the episode was right in the middle of the see-saw however. We finally returned to the island in which we learned that Edward Fryers set up an ambush to capture Yao Fei (noooo!!!!) and I assume let Deathstroke torture him like he did Oliver. I’m really hoping that they don’t wait so long to return next time because I’m really curious as to what is going on there. Is Yao Fei really a Chinese criminal? What on earth is Fryers doing there in the first place and when are they going to return to that shot in the eye mask we saw in the pilot?

Arrow Year's End
Damn you two, playing with my emotions!

Dark Archer

Do we know what role Moira has in this evil empire? At first it sounded like she was working under Malcolm Merlyn but then when she was talking to him and later Walter, I get the impression that they are more equals than nefarious boss and lackey. Especially when Moira tells Walter, “I am the bad people” a la Walter White. What do you mean Moira? Then after we find out who the Dark Archer is and see Walter get drugged in the elevator? She didn’t know that was going to happen? Much like the island, I hope they don’t drag this out because there are questions that need answers. Not to mention, six months without Walter? Come on, that’s just mean. Who knows when we’ll see the happy Steele/Queen family all together again?

I’m really glad that the Dark Archer has been introduced. I think the show needs a constant adversary that isn’t just “The List”. Yea there’s the Triad and China White, but they are just a cog in different storylines whereas the Dark Archer stands on his own and plays into the subplots as well.

When Adam Hunt showed up, I feared that lawyer Laurel was going to appear but thank the gods for a Christmas miracle because she did not. Instead Adam Hunt ended up being the first guy we’ve seen shot by the Dark Archer. He then goes on to take out more of Ollie’s list which prompts the unusual teaming up of Detective Lance and Oliver.

Arrow Year's End

Ollie gets the black arrows, looks at them for a few seconds and figures out what it was made of. Please remember that this is the guy who can’t google anything so he returns to Felicity Smoak. Thank you baby Jesus! That entire exchange between Oliver and Felicity was like a Christmas gift wrapped up just for me. The look on Oliver’s face when she tell him she’s Jewish? Perfect. This show needs more Felicity. Of course I said the show needs more Walter and look what happened there so perhaps I should just be okay with the amount of Felicity we’ve already got.

Arrow Year's End

Of course the biggest part of the episode was the showdown between the Dark Archer and Oliver aka “The Hood Guy”. Nothing like two guys running around in the dark shooting each other with bows and arrows. Best fight scene of the season so far, without a doubt. It’s easier to buy the dude shooting a crossbow missing Oliver rather than the guys shooting machine guns. Of course the dude with the crossbow ends up shooting Oliver so I’m wondering if the guys using machine guns so far have actually been blind. Would explain a lot.

Arrow Year's End

Even though I had a strong feeling as to who the Dark Archer was, Malcolm threw me off when he referred to him as “OUR associate” when talking to Moira. Thanks to that little seed of doubt, I was surprised when the Dark Archer removed his mask. Malcolm you evil but still beautiful man going around threatening people and then doing your own dirty work. I approve. It seems as if John Barrowman also approves because even though he couldn’t give away his identity, he did tell the LA Times that he would love to be a regular on the show. Here’s hoping the writers listen because I have a feeling there are a lot of people who would like to see the same.

Best part of the episode? The exchange between Oliver and Malcolm while at dinner. Who would haveArrow Year's End guessed that it would be Merlyn to suggest the “Green Arrow” moniker? Even if they don’t use Green Arrow, I’m hoping that conversation means they are actually going to give “The Hood/The Hood Guy/The Vigilante” a proper name. Especially for people like myself who write about the show as it’s sometimes a bit difficult to distinguish who I’m talking about. If nothing else, I want to find a way to make Stephen Amell saying “The Hood Guy” as my ringtone. That cracked me up.

I loved this episode and even though there was ridiculous (Thea) moments I think they balanced out the big moments quite well. Diggle further cemented his role as the love child between Jiminy Cricket and Alfred. Hopefully he’ll get a bigger chunk of airtime in the new year. Ratings were down unfortunately, but hopefully people will catch up over the hiatus and come back in big numbers for episode ten on January 16th. As for episode nine, another 4 out of five.

grizzly rating 4of5

I hope all you Arrow fans have a happy holiday season and I’ll see you back here in January. Until then!