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Of Oz The Wizard; A Bizarrely Awesome Alphabetical Wizard Of Oz Movie!

The Wizard of Oz is a film that most people can remember with great clarity. From Dorothy and her ruby-red shoes, to the creaky Tin Man and friends, it is a delightfully bizarre and fantastical movie. But it does have its odd moments. Dissolving witches, flying monkeys, and cowardly lions are just a few of the many reality bending characters that appear. So how could this movie be made anymore surreal? What about an alphabetical version of this classic?

Matt Bucy (the creator behind the fan made Star Trek Continues series) set his sights on the challenge of giving the world an alphabetically friendly version of the movie. When I say alphabetical I mean strict alphabetical. Any noise, moan or groan is put in its appropriate place within the movies running time which makes for a confusing, bewildering and utterly crazy viewing experience. This is no short either, this is the entire film! People who suffer with flashing imagery may want to avoid this video, because it is quite disconcerting.

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Trailer Roundup: Texas Chainsaw and a Double Dose of James Franco

Baytown Outlaws

Celeste (Eva Longoria) enlists the help of three redneck brothers to retrieve her son from Billy Bob Thornton.  They successfully complete the mission, but then have Thornton’s assembly of hot miscreants seek revenge for him.

If mayhem, gunfire, and scantily clad women are what you desire, The Baytown Outlaws looks to have everything you need.

Director:  Barry Battles
Stars:  Zoe Bell, Paul Wesley, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Natalie Martinez, Billy Bob Thornton, Eva Longoria, Daniel Cudmore, and Agnes Bruckner.
Release Date:  March 19, 2013 to Blu-ray

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Watch 3 Oscar Nominated Animated Shorts Right Now

The Oscars are fast approaching, which means it’s time to check the list of nominees and watch as many of the nominated films as humanly possible. Of course, for a regular movie-goer like myself, not only would watching 61 movies in two months be a questionable management of priorities, it’s also nearly impossible to get access to some of the smaller, less mainstream films on the list. However three Oscar-worthy animated shorts you’d likely not have the opportunity to see are now streaming online for free for your viewing pleasure. Here they are:

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Fade Out: 25 of Hollywood’s Greatest Closing Lines

Everyone wants their last words to be memorable. This is the same for screenwriters. If the movie ends with a great last line, it tends to be more memorable and leave you with a feeling of “that was clever”. While re-watching Almost Famous recently for the millionth time, I chuckled out loud to myself as Russell Hammond says to William: “and you can tell Rolling Stone my last words were… I’M ON DRUGS!” William yells to him: “Russell… I think we should work on those last words”.

This is my list of the 25 greatest closing movie lines of all time.


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Oz: The Great and Powerful Picks up…Zach Braff?

It seemed like the casting for the upcoming Oz movie was going well. We have James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and Rachel Wiesz all playing characters in the movie which is set to be released in March of 2013. Now there is one more casting addition for the role of the Wizard’s (James Franco) assistant that will be filled by Scrubs star Zach Braff according to IGN. Sadly I am not a fan of Scrubs, and I find Zach Braff pretty annoying, but that is just my opinion. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who love him and are ecstatic about this news but I could just care less. I think the last movie I saw him in was The Ex with Jason Bateman and that was back in 2006.

Hopefully his part is so small that we don’t have to hear him talk too much. However that might be a bad thing for people who are actually fans of his. Are there any out there or do you dislike him as much as I do? Or maybe you have no idea who the hell Zach Braff is.

Oz. You Know, the Great and Powerful…and Mila Kunis

It seems like Oz: The Great and Powerful is gearing up to be quite a flick. This is a prequel to the much beloved Judy Garland classic from 1939. It takes place years prior to Dorthy and Toto’s arrival, this time focusing on the arrival ‘the Wizard’; James Franco. I’m a big fan of Franco, and I can’t wait to see him in his portrayal of the Wizard, as he arrives in the land of Oz. His character is described as such:

“a fast-talking snake oil salesman and illusionist who flees a traveling circus and winds up whisked away in a hot air balloon by a tornado to Oz where he must face off against real magic and the sisters battling for control of the land.”

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