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DVD Catastrophe – Filmatic Lives Of Zombies

Zombies are still very much the horror movie darlings. Lately, both ghosts and vampires taken a stab at stealing the top spot, but whenever you check the low-budget section of any DVD retailer, you’ll be faced with a title that has the undead mentioned somewhere in it. Overexposure is never a good thing but with zombie films, it seems to have forced the genre to evolve. Filmmakers have to be a tad more creative when dealing with the undead in their movies nowadays. So here at Grizzly Bomb, we have a handy little gallery (broken down into easy to consume sections) so you can see just what companies will release these days about the brain munching dirt bags we call the walking dead.

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Countdown to Halloween Special: Top Ten B-Movie Monsters

So we here at Grizzly Bomb have a mammoth Countdown to Halloween going on, focusing on some of the greatest Halloween icons to ever terrify humanity. However, here I just want to give a thumbs up to some of the more obscure creatures of the night who have terrified me over the years.

So welcome to our Countdown to Halloween Special – Top 10 B-Movie Monsters. Click on through our new handy Tabber below and prepare yourself for some B-Movie greatness.

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Graphic Novel Review – Officer Downe

A simple tale involving a man who is a super cop, whose only goal in life is to fight injustice. This is Officer Downe, a bad ass law enforcer who is currently on a mission to stamp out all the illegal activities of Fortune 500, an infamous crime syndicate with animal heads who run things behind the scenes. Because of all the trouble Downe is causing them, the group enlist the aid of killer for hire Zen Master Flash and his team of highly trained assassins. Unfortunately for them, Officer Downe is no ordinary policeman.

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Doctor Who: 701 “Asylum of the Daleks” Review


The Doctor returns and straight away he is in a spot of bother. Following a distress call from Skaro he is set up and kidnapped by the Daleks as well as Rory and Amy who are now having severe relationship woes. In fact they were just about to get divorced! They are summoned to the parliament of the Daleks which they expect to be the end of their lives. Instead the Daleks say two words. Save us.

The Daleks have a problem. They have a planet; a planet that’s a prison full of insane and imperfect Daleks. The Daleks find it offensive to actually kill any form of hatred (which these Daleks have in spades) so they leave them on this planet.  The planet however also has a problem (it’s not a good day to be a Dalek hey?); a ship has crashed landed there and there is now a small hole in the force field which means Daleks can now get out. The force field can only be turned off from the inside!

Another problem is that the Daleks are to bloody scared to send anyone to sort it! They have no trouble sending the doctor and co down there mind which they do by shooting them at the planet! So, their mission is two fold. They need to survive long enough to turn off the force field letting the Daleks blow up the planet and they need to rescue the trapped and quite brilliant Oswin who is stuck on the planet too (hers being one of the ships that crashed landed there). To make matters worse there is a nano bots in the air that turns anyone who encounters it into a Dalek hybrid, which sucks for Amy as she loses the wristband she was given to keep the nanobots out. Will Amy turn Dalek, will they rescue Oswin and will they manage to escape the planet of Daleks before the Daleks blow it up?!

Right from the start this episode grabs you and does not let go. The Doctor is made to look a dark and brooding character mostly seen in shadow on the walls. This Doctor is all business but bitter, a man who does not want to be the adventurer he once was. This adds an amazing amount of tension to this first opening scene. This follows through most of the episode with the Doctor near the end becoming more like the Doctor we know from series past. So a lot of this episode involves the Doctor finding the joy of actually been the Doctor again. It’s also about rekindling relationships with Rory and Amy needing a disaster like this to get them to open up about their feelings and actually tell one another they love each other. This first episode is also a historic one been the first episode shown in the UK, Canada and the U.S. at the same time!

The last series lost some of its magic near the end. The Doctor got very moody and the fun seemed to go from it. The series lost its way with a mix of topsy-turvy time travel stories, romantic sub plots and a general lack of fun! Writer Stephen Moffet is still finding his feet with the doctor I think. Some episodes were spot on, some not so much. For this episode he has streamlined it down to the basics. Daleks the old favorite are the bad guys, Doctor and co run about trying to stop a disaster. And it works. Basic approach really gets you gripped into the story again.

An episode called the Asylum of the Daleks is always going to conjure up scenes of grandeur. This is a more low key affair. Aside from the numerous Daleks at the start from all different time frames there are only a handful of Daleks at a time. In fact this episode plays a little like a zombie flick, enclosed spaces, Daleks popping out around corridors, etc. Again this thinned back approach works so much better than the special effects heavy last series.

There are some incredible scenes here to (SPOLIER ALERT). Rory getting trapped in a hall full of insane sleeping Daleks who wake up very slowly (very much like a scene from The Birds), the doctor and may finding a crew member who does not know he is a Dalek, zombie Daleks, an amazing scene in intensive care with Daleks surrounding the Doctor and a great end scene which is very much like Jacobs ladder. The shock to this episode is the reveal of Oswind been an actual Dalek with a human mind who still thinks she’s human and one of her final acts being to wipe the Daleks memories of any knowledge of the Doctor.

This reveal caught me off guard but the signs are all there if you look for them! It’s actually a touching scene which tugs at your heart strings quite a lot. Jenna-Louise Coleman is a very engaging character in this episode, very witty and funny as well as been very smart. This is her first appearance but she will return in the Christmas special. Her sacrifice leads to the final scene with the Daleks completely confused about who is on their ship shouting “Doctor Who” while they make there get away! It’s a great little ending to a nicely laid out episode.

Sure there are some ropy bits especially Rory and Amy talking about the nanobots sucking out love (don’t ask!); the big hole in the plot of why build a planet you can only get access to from the inside and then dump Daleks on it if you are going to blow it up in the end anyway! But overall these are minor problems. The main thing is it’s a lot of fun which the last series lacked. Overall a great start to the new series and I cannot wait for episode two. Here’s a sneak peek of it.


The Walking Dead Update: A Need for More Zombies and the Battle for Governor

This is not the first time I have heard little grumbles about season 2 of the AMC series, The Walking Dead. Reading an article on Warming Glow made me realize how very often I have seen online TWD threads complaining about the lack of zombies, and how slow season 2 has been. Of course I absolutely agree, especially after reading about the season 2 opener that we will never see. A show revolving around the zombie apocalypse… we should not have to tell you that there should be more action! The way the season began, with Sophia being lost, was a setup for a long and drawn out, dramatic plot point. By episode 4, no one cared about Sophia anymore.

Hershel added a much-needed opposing point to the story. It was a very realistic element to TWD… seeing someone who morally could not bring himself to kill the walkers. However, how many zombies did we actually see action with this season? Not enough.

The incident with Shane and Otis was probably the most exciting zombie-related scene in all of season 2 so far. Bottom line: Don’t get boring on us! We need action! Grumble grumble grumble.

Next order of business: The Walking Dead needs a Governor!

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Hornady Releases Ammo Just for Zombies

Even though most of these posts are about movies and TV I feel like this is something we all need. I can’t be the only one secretly hoping for Z-day to arrive so I can loot and kill zombies all day. Now when that day does finally come I’m gonna be ready. Major ammunition manufacturer Hornady released its line of Z-Max bullets this month. Making them the first company to provide zombie enthusiasts like myself with the proper round to pop some heads “Resident Evil” style. These were NOT easy to find to buy. I had to go online and then they are back ordered 5-6 weeks so I can’t say just how they shoot yet. I can say that the box alone is sweet as hell and that just having a couple of boxes in my house is cool enough.

They manufacture a 9mm  Luger,  40 S&W, 45 Auto, 223 Rem, 7.62×39, 308 Win, and 12 Gauge rounds.  The rifle rounds appear to be tipped with a greenish tint and I’m gonna assume the same is on the handgun rounds. All are fairly standard with the company saying their focus was mixing velocity and speed while still keeping a safe enough distance.

You can read a short talk with the company president here.

They released a sweet promo video for ammo which I included below.

I honestly don’t really care how these rounds shoot since the chance to ever properly utilize them is slim. However who knows how long they will actually manufacture them. I plan to keep a few of my boxes in tact just so I can show them off and make fun of anyone I know who missed out on buying some. I bought mine from one of my favorite stores Cabela’s.

They only sold the handgun rounds. I’ll give them a few months to trickle down to my local gun shops and hopefully be able to pick up a box or two of shells also. If I ever receive these back-ordered beauties I’ll be sure to follow-up on here about them.

 Guest Writer: B. VanGorder

#30 – Countdown to Halloween: DAWN OF THE DEAD (1978)

I love Halloween. Everything about it. The costumes, the candy, the parties. But most importantly? It’s the one time of the year where you get to watch as many horror movies as you want without people judging or thinking you’re a closet serial killer who’s studying the fine art of murder. But not all horror is about slow-walking, mask-wearing, virgin-hunting unkillable killers. Sometimes we get a look at the less structured side of horror.

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