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Blood Quantum Trailer: A Mi’qmaq Community Fights Off Zombie Hoards

In the first trailer for Blood Quantum from Mi’gmaq writer and director Jeff Barnaby, the inhabitants of the Mi’gmaq reserve of Red Crow are being threatened by an undead onslaught.

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The Dead Don’t Die First Trailer and Poster: Jarmusch’s Zombie Film Starring Adam Driver and Bill Murray

Focus Features has debuted the first official trailer and poster for the latest Jim Jarmusch film titled The Dead Don’t Die, a new zombie thriller from the acclaimed filmmaker. The film reunites Jarmusch with some of his biggest collaborators, including Adam Driver, Tilda Swinton, and Bill Murray.

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Floods, Earthquakes, Zomies? How prepping for Zombies Became The CDC’s go to

If you’re a horror or zombie fan at all, you’ve had the conversation. Where would you go, what weapons would you bring, and who would be on your zombie apocalypse team? While it seems far-fetched, planning for zombies might be the best way to get people ready for nature’s real-life worst.

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Unknown Fan Films – Marvel Zombies

It is Halloween again and what better way to celebrate than talking about zombies. We all love zombies (articles on the shuffling undead flesh bags include a look at George Romero zombies and how zombies prepare us for terrorist attacks) but what makes a zombie that little bit better? Fighting a shark? Wielding a scythe? Eating their mother’s boob? These are all valid and fun zombie activities to watch but how about if we take some of our favorite heroes from the Marvel Universe and turn them into zombies? The result was the great Marvel Zombies comic. Today, we have come across a fan trailer based on this comic concept and included is the description below to best illustrate how much of a buzz it created amongst the YouTube community and even TV.

[quote]Film movie trailer based on Marvel Zombies popular comic book series. This video was taken down for quite a while after causing quite a stir when it first premiered garnering over 650,000 hits in less than 2 weeks! Shown as #1 greatest video online by G4’s Attack of the Show![/quote]

Below is the fan film (written, produced and directed by Scott Fields and Jim Ojala) but be warned it is quite gruesome and may not be suitable for children or people under the age of 17. Like that has stopped people before.

For an obviously low budget fan film, the effects are fantastic. Both the Hulk zombie and Spider-Man zombie look exactly as they do in the comic book series and even with the slightly plastic look of the Hulk’s face, it still makes for quite a horrific scene stealer when these two meet up. It would be interesting to see if the filmmakers would be able to expand the idea because effects-wise, they have this spot on. They also have a good grasp on the characters, specifically with Peter’s sudden guilt trip while eating Mary Jane. That was a huge part of his story arc in the comic and it was great to see it play a factor here too.

unknown fan films halloween special marvel zombies spiderman1

This Marvel Zombies fan flick, if expanded, could have been similar to the Romero cut munchers of the 90s. However, this short trailer in my eyes looked more like the cannibal and zombie films coming out from Italy in the 80s such as Zombie Flesh Eaters. The use of quite explicit entrails eating and the emphasis on the blood and gore was a staple of those movies and they were blooming good fun all around. All in all, the film is short, somewhat slap dash in places (definitely needed to be slightly longer) but its well shot and it has that gross out appeal that some of the PG-13 (15 certificate in the UK) rated horror flicks of today don’t seem to have anymore. It’s Marvel Zombies man! Who does not want to see Spider-Man knee deep in entrails while a miffed Hulk looks on? This reviewer sure does and he is glad for seeing this short which has helped to fulfill the dream of seeing Marvel Zombies on our screens. On a scale of one to 5 we are looking at a 3 and a half which is pretty good going for a short that lasts only about 2 minutes. This is a perfect little appetizer on Halloween night before you move onto your main course of scary movies. Maybe you will find some through our other Grizzly Bomb Halloween articles, so don’t forget to check them out!

unknown fan films halloween special marvel zombies hulk

Documentary ‘Birth Of The Living Dead’ Gets a Trailer Release

Here’s an exciting one for all of you George A. Romero and zombie fans alike; coming this fall is your chance to see Birth of the Living Dead, an exciting new documentary exploring how Romero brought his classic Night of the Living Dead to the screen. The trailer has also recently been released for you to cast your undead loving eyes on!

Birth of the Living Dead is an in-depth documentary written, directed and edited by Rob Kuhns and produced by Esther Cassidy. It details how Romero gathered an unlikely team of Pittsburgh citizens — policemen, iron workers, teachers, ad-men, housewives and a roller-rink owner — to shoot, with a revolutionary guerrilla, run-and-gun style, his seminal film, Night of the Living Dead. During that process, Romero and his team created an entirely new and horribly chilling monster – one that was undead and feasted upon human flesh.

Shot in New York City, Toronto and Los Angeles between the end of 2006 and the Summer of 2011, Birth of the Living Dead immerses audiences into the singular time in which “Night” was shot and studies how Romero created a world-renowned horror film that was also a profound insight into how our society really works.

For the film, Kuhns carried out extensive interviews with George A. Romero in Toronto. Kuhns’ previous experience working as an editor for “Bill Moyers Journal” and later on “Moyers and Company,” gave him the opportunity to explore the powerful archival images of American history in the 1960s. Kuhns surveyed television news stories of the racial violence exploding across the country and horrific combat footage of the Vietnam War. He also saw the U.S. government responses to both. Kuhns realized that Romero and his collaborators created “Night of the Living Dead,” a film about the world coming to an end, at a historic time of enormous American upheaval. “Night” was revealing itself as a living document of the time in which it was made.

Birth of the Living Dead

The Zombie craze is currently at its peak and it is great to see such a talented team put so much effort and love into documenting how it all began. Without Romero and Night of the Living Dead, the horror movie scene would not be the industry it is today. Romero opened the door to independent movie makers to get out there and do their own thing, even with the tiniest of budgets. A tradition that the likes of Jason Blum and Blumhouse productions still carry on today. By the looks of it, Kuhn’s documentary will be the quintessential visual guide to Romero and his creations.

Birth of the Living Dead will be screening across the US throughout October. Head over to the official website for details of when they will be at a screen near you.

New Call of Duty DLC ‘Vengeance’ Comes Out Next Week: Summer Officially Postponed

So it’s that time again, we have a new Call of Duty DLC coming out just in time to make sure you avoid the beach and stay pale playing indoors for the next few months. There’s actually some cool goodies in this pack which has the standard four new multiplayer maps as well as a new zombie map We also get to see a new weapon in the zombie map, which is cool because it’s an updated version of my favorite gun to take down the undead. But first, let’s let you watch the official trailer below, introduced by our favorite pitchmen: The Replacers.

call of duty vengeance coveIt’s actually a heckuva lot shorter video than what we’re used to and provides very minimal use of the awesome Peter Stormare. Sucks because the previous Replacers trailers were awesome but no matter as we’re really interested about the gameplay itself. With Call of Duty: Vengeance, we have four new maps starting out with Cove, which for some odd reason reminds me of the Koopa Beach map on Mario Kart. Cove seems like a cool map as you’re surrounded by water on an island of rock and rainforest plus a downed plane. Just think of it like the cast of Lost got stranded with guns. With less confusion and smoke monsters too. It looks to be a sweet map though that breeds chaos and yelling at the television; my favorite combination in a Call of Duty map. Next up, we have Detour – a multilevel bridge map that keeps the action head to head and in front of the players. It looks to be a cool map that will have the short range players underneath and the long range players battling up top. Plus lots of exploding cars so more people will be angry when a stray grenade takes out the car and takes them out in the process as well.

call of duty vengeance rush

Next map we have is Rush, which is probably going to become my favorite new map. It’s basically a paintball obstacle course. Indoor, outdoor, close quarters running around, it’s got the makings of a brilliant map. Should be almost as fast paced as Nuketown in my opinion with barely any cover and the need to press forward at all times. The last multiplayer map is Uplink, but everyone actually will recognize this map as Summit from the original Call of Duty: Black Ops game. This one will probably be a favorite of Kronner’s as Summit was his boy. The major difference is no snow and it’s during the nighttime but for the most part, it’s a nice call back for a classic map.

call of duty vengeance buried

call of duty vengeance ray gunOf course, we have the zombie map called Buried and it’s basically an Old West town that’s underground. With zombies. Of course, there’s one major wildcard and it seems to be a giant, somewhat hick-ish type NPC that you can either confront and try to kill (if it’s like Romero in Call of the Dead, good luck) or use to your advantage to clear the path. Either way it looks to be exciting and even more so because I get a new ray guy out of it too. The ray gun has always been my boy and now they have upgraded it with the Ray Gun Mark II. Apparently it’s a lot more powerful and laser-like as it can cut through a whole row of zombies. So yeah, that definitely sounds like my boy right there.

Of course, this all comes out on July 2nd on Xbox Live first so Xbox 360 gamers will get the first experiences with this DLC. From the looks of things, it won’t disappoint at all. Below is a more in depth trailer about the maps so watch it, love it, and I’ll see you guys online. I’ll be the guy swearing and being berated by 12 year olds with no sense of morality or political correctness.

The Walking Dead: 3.04 – “Killer Within” Review

‘Killer Within’ has to be one of the most heart-wrenching episodes of The Walking Dead to date. The last episode focused solely on Woodbury and the Governor, but this episode was mainly dedicated to the folks back at the prison, although we did visit Woodbury briefly. Merle has spoken with Andrea, who told him where the farm was, which is where his brother Daryl was last seen by her, which likely will not end well. Michonne is still obviously uneasy about being in the little town of Woodbury, but Andrea is eating it up. She has a drink with the Governor, and he even tells her his name is Phillip. For a short second, I thought it was cute! Then I remembered the floating heads in tanks, and brought myself back to the edge of my seat to await what happened next.

Back at the prison, someone had opened the chain on the gate and let the walkers in, as well as firing up the generator and sounding the alarms, thus attracting walkers from everywhere. Hershel was just getting on crutches for the first time, and Lori is all super pregnant, so this wasn’t the best timing. Some quick cleanup of the courtyard was required…

Rick, Daryl and Oscar go try to shut off the generators to stop the alarms from sounding when Andrew (whom we predicted was still alive weeks ago) tried to attack Rick. For his trouble he then got shot in the face by Oscar, who will now undoubtedly become a member of Rick’s group. The somewhat funny image of Daryl crouched down with a knife behind Oscar just in case he tried to shoot Rick was pretty awesome. {Editor’s Note – Stupid Andrew.}

There were two very gruesome deaths this episode. Two main characters met their end in almost unwatchable ways. The first was T-Dog, who had gotten bitten by a walker thanks to Carol’s failure to watch his back. Despite this, he kept going with Carol to help her get out, and ultimately let himself get attacked so that she could get away. This guy got torn apart. It was grotesque. {aka awesome}

The next happened when Lori went into labor while she, Maggie and Carl were running from a gang of dead. They hid in the boiler room and Maggie declared that Lori would have to give birth right there. Carl, who has clearly not yet been traumatized enough, was going to have to help deliver his baby sister. Poor kid! Maggie yanks Lori’s pants off and tells her to push. Lori is bleeding, though, and is clearly going to need a c-section. She gives this long speech to Carl, which would be absolutely devastating if I cared the least bit for her character, and then tells Maggie to cut her open, and instructs her to also do what needs to be done when she turns. Maggie slices her stomach, finds the uterus, and pulls the baby out with Carl’s help. The baby is alive! The mother however, is not. Carl then takes it upon himself to shoot his mother so that she cannot turn. That was devastating. {Meh.}

When Maggie and Carl returned to Rick with the baby girl, Rick quickly realized the situation and exerted some intensely raw emotion. I mean, good lord; that was some of the best acting I have seen on this show. My eyes had tears in them. I cannot watch this show without putting myself in their shoes. I constantly ask myself what I would do in their situations. But something like having to shoot your own mother? That would be beyond my capabilities.

Overall, I would say that this episode was outstanding. The acting was phenomenal. We lost two main characters in one episode, making sure we know that anything can happen during any episode.

5/5 Grizzlies

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Several pictures stolen from Tumblr users:
Er’Thing Neox, A BUBBLE ON THE TIDE OF EMPIRE, A Pathetic Fangirl’s Blog, and Biten by A Vamp.

Still better than how she went out in the comics…

The Walking Dead: 3.03 – “Walk With Me” Review

Episode 3, “Walk With Me”, was one of the most well done episodes of The Walking Dead I have seen in a long time. Instead of more of the same (the group trying to fight off a herd, someone disagrees with Rick, everyone relies on Rick to keep the group safe, Lori cries) there was a mass amount of character development. No… not just character development, storyline development!

Alas, we have our Mayor! David Morrissey is an outstanding addition to the show! When Andrea and Michonne were in the woods they were hiding because a helicopter had crashed. I had forgotten that they didn’t know that everyone who dies becomes a walker, even if they weren’t bitten. It made me almost sad. Michonne thought that she and Andrea were going to be discovered, so Michonne cut the heads off of her two walkers.

Andrea and Michonne end up being taken from the woods by our old pal Merle and his group, which includes the Mayor. They are guests in the little town of Woodbury; a walker-free safe space for survivors! There are guards defending the town from their high walls and buildings that keep the town secluded. When walkers show, they get got! It is an amazing idea. The people of Woodbury have children who attend school, the adults have jobs, and everyone feels that they still have a purpose in what is left of their post-apocalyptic world.

Andrea is much more receptive to the whole idea than Michonne, and rightfully so. While Andrea is clearly flirting with the Mayor and enjoying some well-deserved down time, Michonne is eyeballing everyone and keeping her guard up. They took the girls’ weapons away when they arrived, so we do finally see Michonne without her Katana. Personally, I like her better with it, but this is not one of those episodes. Don’t get me wrong, we still see plenty of deaths; some of them are not deserved.

The man, Tim, who was piloting the helicopter, survived and was hanging onto life by a thread. The Mayor promised that if Tim told him where is stranded group was, he would bring them back to Woodbury. Instead, the Mayor wiped out the entire group of military personnel, and took all of their supplies. I understand that he would not want anyone challenging his authority and taking over his Mayorship of the group back at Woodbury, but I got very upset when I saw this. I immediately loved the Mayor upon seeing him on this show. Seeing him heartlessly wipe out these men with his group really upset me.This was a good way to find out all of the sides to his character in one episode. Not to mention that at the end, he was sitting in front of a large amount of tanks with heads of people he’d killed, and at the very top was Tim, the survivor. It was as if he was just sitting back watching his favorite TV show episode. Just unsettling.

Merle being back could either be really great or really terrible. He would be a good addition to his brother’s group if he could stop being loyal to the Mayor. I think he should realize, with the senseless killing the Mayor has Merle doing, the second the Mayor thinks that Merle could pose a problem of any kind, he will kill him. Merle would be a great asset to Rick’s group, except that he hates Rick. Rick is the one who handcuffed Merle to the rooftop, causing him to mutilate himself to avoid being zombie food. I love how the show does every single thing they can to avoid the term “zombies”. Walkers, Biters, Living Dead… they have been called everything but that. When I think of zombies, I think of special effects and fake gore. I feel like maybe they avoid that word because it is so widely associated with pretend and they want to keep the show as realistic as possible.

Overall, this was an amazing episode. There was so much to focus on, even without going into what Rick’s group is doing at all! In fact, this might be the first episode ever without Rick in it. I enjoy the break from more of the same, and I love the new characters. These 3 episodes of season 3 have been my favorite season starter so far. I can only hope that they can keep the episodes as interesting and strong as they have been up to this point.

5/5 Grizzlies!

Countdown to Halloween #4: The Romero Zombies

Zombies seem to be everywhere recently don’t they? It’s okay, I did not mean it literally, you can remove the locks of the door now! No, what I meant was that in the last few years the zombie mythology has become firmly embedded in pop culture. With The Walking Dead bringing in huge ratings numbers and zombie films with a heart like Shaun of the Dead, it seems you cannot walk down the street without some form of zombie merchandise in your way. Now zombies have been in cinema for a long time now. Their origins lie in Haitian folklore and they were originally slaves to their voodoo masters.

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VHS Vault: Mortuary (aka Embalmed)

Here we have Mortuary (Embalmed is its UK name), which though released in the mid eighties was most certainly a film from the ’70s. The wardrobe is full of bright blues and the hair stylist was clearly quite taken with The Dukes of Hazard, because a lot of the cast look like they stepped right out of that show. Also when a roller disco is included, you know you are looking at the ’70s. Nothing dates a film more than a roller disco.

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