The Walking Dead’s Governor: David Morrissey

As he repeats throughout his interview with Newsbeat reporter Steve Holden, David Morrissey is “very excited!” about being The Walking Dead‘s new Governor.

Check out the clip:

David Morrissey was not one of the two actors we were lead to believe were the options for this prestigious role (The original battle for Governor article). I don’t know much about David Morrissey, which makes me both nervous and very intrigued. (I would refer to him by his last name, but one of my favorite musicians happens to share the last name.) I am seeing a lot of excitement on message boards, and I am looking forward to season 3. As is said in the video of the interview, The Walking Dead has such a large fan following (9 million viewers watched the Season 2 finale) that the new Governor better bring his A game. No one wants 9 million people pissed off at them.

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