Merry Bleeping Christmas from Deadpool: New Red Band Trailer

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas day! If you’ve been watching the NBA then you know that the second the Deadpool TV spot went up, the Red Band trailer went up online.


And what a beautiful Christmas present this is. We get a better look at the actually Russian Colossus; and even a bigger treat, a look at Negasonic Teenage Warhead in action! Add to that some of her teenage sass and she really is a character to be excited for.

As far as storyline goes, there isn’t much new that we can grab at from the new trailer. Prior to being Deadpool, Wade Wilson is diagnosed with terminal cancer and offered a cure by an organization, speculated as Weapon X. He then undergoes some torturous procedures, disfiguring him. Of course Weapon X isn’t a charity organization and as stated in the trailer, has made Deadpool, not into a superhero, but a super slave.

I assume Deadpool makes his escape after that fire in the lab scene that he may of may not have started. Then he meets up with his homie Weasel who endearingly tells him how fantastic he looks, (aka someone else’s asshole). From there the adventure begins as Deadpool so simply plots out. His arch enemy takes his baby mama and sh*t gets real. Full of awesome gore and action, the merc with a mouth has really taken to his anti-hero persona.

If you aren’t excited for this movie after watching that trailer then I hope Deadpool leaves his Pool Log on your doorstep tonight because you have the wrong opinion.

Images: 20th Century Fox

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