Scum of The Week – Disney

It was difficult for me to pin down a scum bag for this week, because there just weren’t enough degenerates doing idiotic, degrading things. But I’ve found my scum champion finally in the form of the family friendly entertainment empire Disney. You might ask, why Disney? That’s Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and all of those other cool and loveable characters!

Well, I just have a problem with the fact that Disney has trademarked a certain name, that name being SEAL Team 6. They’re the ones who completed the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden, in case you hadn’t heard anything about that story in the news. And I’m not even griping about this one from a political aspect, because here at Grizzly Bomb we don’t get into all that crap. It just amazes me that certain shit gets trademarked. Perfect example: Donald Trump trademarking the phrase “You’re Fired”. And just the other week Dr. Kronner trademarked the color blue. It’s ridiculous.

Here’s the tiny article from Deadline:

FishbowlNY uncovered three trademark applications that Disney made in early May to claim the rights to the phrase “SEAL Team 6” covering “entertainment and education services,” “toys, games and playthings” and “clothing, footwear and headwear.”

Seriously Disney, I can’t wait to see the SEAL Team 6 toys that you market to the kids. I only hope that we get to see Mickey Mouse with a sniper rifle, and Donald Duck with night vision goggles. I can only imagine there will be a whole plethora of SEAL Team 6 movies about the Bin Laden mission and Disney will be the only one allowed to have a movie named exactly that. Not only do they now have ABC, ESPN and Marvel Comics in the grasp of their scum covered fingers, but maybe next they’ll privatize the army and own every branch of the military too! Yeah it seems a little far fetched I would expect nothing less of our scum of the week!

2 thoughts on “Scum of The Week – Disney”

  1. i’d love to see them toys.

    mickey is the hardassed no nonsense captain.
    toy comes with the standard m16, teddy bear, and picture of minnie.
    then you got donald who’s the rugged first seargent, he’s got 19 years in and this could be his last mission.
    then you got taz the crazy over the top demolishions specialist.
    comes equipped with a pack of smokes, lighter, and 5 claymore mines.
    fog horn leghorn is the comms tech.
    wily e coyote? he’s the logistics specialist. comes equipped with an acme rocket, do it yourself humvee from IKEA, and a beachball.


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