Give it a Chance: ‘Misfits’

In the lull of summer comedy series, I think I have stumbled upon a very promising series known as Misfits, which has already received the BAFTA Television Award.

This story revolves around a young set of delinquents serving community service, who find themselves in the midst of a freak lightning/Hail storm. Once struck by lightning the group’s probation officer goes insane with rage and attempts to kill them all. But in the midst of all this chaos they discover that they have developed superhuman abilities and kill their probation officer. Drama quickly ensues as each learns to cope with their abilities.

As cliché as the story arc is, the delectable palette of characters are what makes the series phenomenal. More notable characters such as Nathan Young (Robert Sheehan), an outspoken prick that puts Corey Feldman’s character ‘Mouth’ to shame, and Simon Bellamy (Iwan Rheon) who plays a socially crippled loner, make this dark comedy exactly what it is, genius.

And when it comes to Dark Comedy, Misfits delivers! Creator/Writer Howard Overman leaves nothing sacred, as the cast engages in everything from drug use to granny sex in a South Park style of comedy.

There are currently 2 seasons of Misfits, the first of which is on available on Hulu, whilst the ‘Second Season/Christmas Special’ are currently streaming on various websites. There has been confirmed filming of the third season, consisting of the original cast minus Robert Sheehan, who is pursuing other career opportunities, and looks very promising.

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