UFC on Fox debuts with JDS vs. Valasquez!!

For quite some time now we’ve seen the UFC offer us free fights on SPIKE TV, the word “lackluster,” would accurately describe these fights. With this being said, when the UFC announced recently that a deal was made with FOX, my excitement level was all but high for what crap we were sure to be given.  Without wasting too much time, the UFC just announced that for the debut fight on FOX, UFC fans will get to see none other than, Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Valasquez for the UFC heavyweight title on November 12! This is huge news for any big time UFC fan who has until now had to pay ungodly amounts of money to see any great fight on pay-per view.

Words can’t begin to describe how big this fight is going to be. On cable television we will get to see what could possibly be the greatest fight of the year, between two heavy-handed heavyweight fighters, with great knockout power and unbelievable quickness. In his last fight, Junior single-handedly made knockout artist, Shane Carwin, look like an absolute joke in the striking dept. With great cardio backing up his tremendous speed and accuracy, I don’t see Cain winning this fight!

Cain has fantastic cardio, I realize this, but he has undoubtedly his biggest challenge ahead of him in Junior Dos Santos. Lucky for UFC fans, on November 12, we will all get to see who the greatest heavyweight in the UFC is, and we’ll get to see it for FREE!

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