South Park: Season 15, Episode 8 “Ass Burgers” Review

“I don’t want hamburgers coming out of MY butt!”

 This episode was absolutely fantastic and hilarious. They addressed the big events of the previous episode, which I like. I am used to The Simpsons starting over every episode.

I am extraordinarily excited about the fact that they made fun of the word “Aspergers“. I have thought about that every time I heard it. Although it is nothing to make fun of… it really is.

In this episode, Stan is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, as he continues seeing everything as shit. Stan goes to a group for Asperger’s patients, which is actually a group for cynics. They claim that everything really IS shit, and aliens are sending out brain waves to humans so that they think that everything is normal, ala They Live. During all of this, Cartman discovers that by putting hamburgers in his ass, he can make them irresistibly delicious, and starts a hamburger business.

 The group of cynics gives Stan a glass of Jameson, and Stan sees the world as normal, and once again, thinks Adam Sandler is funny. (For the record, I love Adam Sandler.)

All of the fast food chains get together and try to figure out the secret to Cartman’s delicious-ass burgers, which ends up in a bloody war between the fast food representatives and the cynics. I love how this is completely ignored.

Stan finally makes peace with his family situation and gets side-swiped by his parents’ news that they are moving back in with each other. As Stan’s mom explained it, sometimes it is better to stick with what you know. When Stan wakes up the next morning, he swigs some Jameson and goes to hang out with his friends. End.

At the end, it was haunting to see Stan pull a bottle of alcohol from his drawer, simply because I had noticed that he wasn’t hearing shit on the radio anymore. It is as if he is no longer a cynic, yet life is just as difficult to get through for him. As sad as that is, it is real. There were a lot of laughs. 4/5 Bears.

 I suspect South Park will be taking a “left turn”. Bravo.

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