CCI 2012: Game Of Thrones Panel!

I’m not sure how big a presence Game Of Thrones had at last years CCI, but I’m positive it wasn’t nearly as big a deal as it is this year. What with the show becoming a mainstream success, reaching audiences far and wide, It’s no surprise that the panel at CCI was packed to the brim with GoT fans eagerly waiting to see their favorite characters, hear their anecdotes, and most likely, get some sweet, sweet details and teasers about Season 3. Being a huge Game of Thrones fan myself, imagine my surprise to hear from several sources, fans included that the panel was a bit… let’s say lackluster. While George R. R. Martin himself was moderating the panel, the consensus seems to be that he wasn’t a very good moderator. Most of his questions seemed either uninteresting, or boring, and the basic outcry is that the panel was a bit of a disappointment.

While I’m bummed to hear that the panel was disappointing, It does provide me, and probably you, the reader, some relief that we didn’t miss anything AMAZING. I know I’d be really saddened if they had had amazing, mind blowing, insightful revelations about the show, crazy behind the scenes stories, titillating previews of the new seasons, all wrapped up with some kind of awesome free poster giveaway. In essence, It seemed that the panel got a bit better when questions were turned over to the audience, but still, the impression is there, and now that’s it’s over, we only have HBO’s marketing team for any kind of Season 3 teasers or photos. Anyway, here’s some of the highlight anecdotes from the Panel.

Courtesy of [Collider]

–     Martin asks Allen if he considers Theon a villain.  Allen says Theon isn’t a villain, but he’s misguided and has issues.  Martin then jokes how he’s given Theon so many sex scenes, and hasn’t received a single thanks from Allen.  Allen responds that he had to get in shape for the sex scenes, but so far he’s been enjoying it.  Apparently preoccupied with sex, Martin then mentions how Robb has a sex scene as well, and then asks if Madden prefers the loving or the fighting.  Madden says he enjoys “swinging a sword”, waits a beat, and then realizes the innuendo.

–      Clarke says she can still walk down the street without being noticed, but when it happens “it really happens.”  For example, when she was in a department store, a woman came up to her and said, “Khaleesi.”

–      It turns out that Kristian Nairn (Hodor) is in the audience (instead of the panel for some reason).  “He’s still learning his line,” Martin jokes since Hodor is a mute.

–      An audience member asks if the show relates to contemporary issues.  Clarke responds that it deals more with universal issues like family and death.  Strauss adds that the show goes beyond the fantasy paradigm of good vs. evil, and says that Game of Thrones boils down to complex stories and characters.  Martin notes that J.R.R. Tolkien rejected the notion that Lord of the Rings was an allegory for World War II.  Martin says it’s the same way with A Song of Fire and Ice, and he’s trying to relate to larger issues rather than recent real-world events.

Overall the panel was fairly by the numbers, and didn’t appear to be anything really special. In my opinion, the biggest announcement was that Season 3 will be premiering March 31st, 2013. Which seems so far away right now… But oh well.

If you’re interested in watching the panel, the videos are below.

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