Comic-Con Cosplay Gallery: Milla Goldenberg and The Con Through Her Lens…

So last week was the international Comic Con in San Diego, and I (Dr. Kronner) was lucky enough to attend for the 2nd year in a row. As per usual of these types of events, there were plenty of people turned out in their best Comic-Con cosplay. In tow was my assistant good friend; New York Times published writer, Geek Magazine Copy Editor, and shutterbug Milla Goldenberg.

With her, as always was a camera, and what follows is a small portion of the massive amount of the photographic evidence that she (or at least her camera) was presented with on the convention floor. Everything from scantily clad ladies in their best Wonder Woman getup and shirtless dudes as their favorite superheroes.

It needs very little introduction… a gallery of Comic-Con cosplay!

3 thoughts on “Comic-Con Cosplay Gallery: Milla Goldenberg and The Con Through Her Lens…”

  1. What the … ?! I took pictures of over 400 unique cosplayers and only a fraction of them overlap with yours. I think I need to stand in the lobby next year.

    Baby Hulk is precious! That picture should be on everyone’s Pinterest site. I was glad so see a lot fewer Slave Leias this year although Harley Quinn was annoyingly ubiquitous. I’ll be impressed when I see GrimJack.


    1. I thought Harley Quinn and Doctor Who were far and away the most common, along with no shortage of Wonder Woman, Rouge, Superman, and Captain America. Fewer Batmen than last year, and not as many GoT as I expected.


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