Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 113 – Visions Pt. 2

As the first season came to a close last night I was saddened to realize that we won’t be seeing anymore Lilith for a while. Sure we know she’ll be back, and the season 2 trailer looks awesome, I’m gonna have to live without my weekly fix. Anyhow, as I said before, last night’s Visions Pt. II was the season finale, and it delivered.

If you missed ‘Visions Pt. I’, Click Here, we’ll wait…

Ok, now that you’re caught up, we can proceed.

As the second part of the finale fires up we see our haphazard medium hanging from the ceiling by his wrists and we quickly learn why. Apparently Jessica convinced him pretty easily to get over his fear from last episode and blackmail not 1, but 2 different deadly women. This obviously isn’t gonna work out for him…

For me though, when the episode really took off after the initial meeting with The Amazing Douche and his 2 new marks Violet and Tiffany. After he walks out of the room and our nurse and sorority girl get to talking a familiar face shows up – Lilith. BOOYAH!

This is the culmination of 12 weeks worth of build up, it paid off. As we’ve predicted Lilith is more than just a mega-hottie with an awesome accent, she appears to be the one actually moving the chess pieces. Lilith’s presence here, and her explanation to the girls is akin to Uatu talking to the Fantastic Four (that one is for the super dorks). She reveals that she was the one who sent them the tickets to see the Amazing Mysterium’s show and she convinces the girls their only course of action to kill him and put his threats of blackmail to bed once and for all.

As she exits, she snaps her fingers and the doors open for her. She then produces the perhaps the best strut out of frame that I’ve seen since the invention of high heels.

This is mind-blowing. Lilith is pulling strings all over the place. From this we can assume that throughout the season she wasn’t simply an observer of the events that transpired, but she actually had a hand in them along the way…

Wow. Sorry, back to the story at hand.

Tiffany contacts her old gal-pal Alexis, who does some research on Lilith, and comes up with a storied history (from Dr. Holly Brown) and the girls decide to move forward and extinguish our dear Meduim.

Our ‘Crazy Chix’ seem pretty stoked, but Nurse MacReady has her doubts, and needs a long bath to sort things out. She’s helped along by a nice conversation with her rubber ducky Mortimer.

After this the new BFFs hatch a plot to handle Foster and it results in Alexis looking even better this time than in her last appearance. She has a pretty much perfect body, and she uses it to seduce ol’ Foster and subdue him with what appears to be the weakest knot of all time.

“You got any tunage? I like everything but country and showtunes.” A girl after my own heart.

When old ‘Amazing Pants’ wakes up bound against his will, Violet is there with a syringe of sodium pentathol (truth serum – like what they used on Arnold in True Lies) and she learns not only the fate of Tara, but also where the body is buried as he spills all…

All this equals Foster being BONED. After giving details of the murder to Violet he proceeds to reveal where Tara’s body is buried and therefore alleviates all need for her to keep him alive…

So this leaves Jessica as the only fatale present who has not been inducted into the club, and they make sure to let her know her invite wont be coming anytime soon.

It turns out that the old woman Jessica wanted to swindle from last episode, the one who was searching for her daughter, well that was Tara’s mom. Boom.

So, as you think it’s about over, we get yet another cameo from earlier this year, which ties in yet another episode. Upon discovery of Tara’s body, we see Detective Wright (Angel & Demons) and with that almost all the episodes are tied in.

The only ones not included are Till Death Do Us Part, since our Femme Fatale there is locked up, Something Like Murder – since everyone is dead. The White Flower is connected through Angel & Demons cause of Mr. Ryan. And unless I missed something, that leaves just Behind Locked Doors and Help Me Rhonda, which you could consider basically the only 2-part episode outside of the finale. They covered there bases pretty well there.

We close out the season with Jessica swearing retribution, our trio of killers looking like heroes to an old lady, and out beloved host with the most – Lilith simply ensuring we’ll come back for more. Is the second body Lilith herself or someone else from earlier this season. Our friends Mark Altman and Steve Kriozere have learned something here from TV history and shows like Lost – introduce mystery, and the audience will come back.

I love how they tied it all together and how Lilith’s character became more than just a host. I also love how my favorite fatale – Violet – seems to have a bit of a screw loose. The groundwork laid by the bathtub scene and the fact that she was at the head of the pack at the end lead me to believe we haven’t seen the last of Ms. MacReady.

4.5/5 Bears. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 

3 thoughts on “Cinemax’s Femme Fatales: 113 – Visions Pt. 2”

  1. Tanit Phoenix should have her own show. She is the best part of Femme Fatales. Damn she looked hot in this weeks show. Can’t wait to see her in Safehouse with Denzel Washington…


  2. And with a spectacular dive the show finishes with the weakest plot and rationel of them all. Funny how the Heroes are all Murderers I mean the men they killed were scumbag but only the gangster and the psychic did something tht would excuse them being killed the Girls gone crazy guy while a dubch was quite innocent, he might have taken adventage of the gals but they walked into the situation of thier own free will, they blamed thier own stupidity on a guy who took advantage of tht. The Nurse boyfriend was by far the most innocent. He was bassically killed for being a corward and a cheater.

    I read comments earlier about double standards and man this was the mother load. What gets me is, they start each episode by defining Femme Fatale and yet they rarely have any plot that actually matches the defination. This is not about Beautiful women leading man into dangerous situations its more about glorifying violence against men.

    Finally, the one woman that was actually innocent in all this, the one that killed her husband out of self defence, was the only one that actually got punished and screwed over by another femme fatale, the ones that should have been punished are potrayed as the Heroes.

    Its a fantasticly crap plot show but hey its about the gals so who am I to say a thing, they couldnt just let pple screw for 30 min so they have to throw a semblence of a story to bridge btwn the screwing


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