Sin City 2 Moving Forward… With Oscar Talent to Help!

Funny how just the other day me and Doc Kronner were wondering just what in the hell was going on with Sin City 2. It’s been about six years since the last movie, and like the many legions of fans, I hunger for more. It now appears that things are getting rolling with Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez tapping into an Oscar caliber screenwriter in the form of The Departed scribe William Monahan. Check out a snippet from IGN below:

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Monahan’s work will be “supplementing a draft completed recently by [Sin City creator Frank Miller.” Miller also co-directed the original 2005 film.

This isn’t Monahan’s only recent comic book movie script doctor gig. In addition to Sin City 2, Monahan is also revising Horizons, the Universal/Tom Cruise sci-fi pic based on the upcoming graphic novel Oblivion.

Hooooo boy! This plus Rodriguez stating that he hoped to start shooting by year’s end is very promising indeed. The sequel will most likely follow book 2 of Sin City ‘A Dame to Kill For’, which stars Dwight McCarthy (Played by Clive Owen) in an earlier tale of guns and broads. I’m ready, so bring it on!

Oh, and more Alba please!

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