Hero Express – So Much ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Welcome to Hero Express, your one-stop sometimes SPOILER filled shop through the news filled world of superhero’s in Film, TV, Video Games and whatever else floats your boat.

This is the Hero Express for October 06, 2011:

Catwoman set photos – (Cinema Blend)

Anne Hathaway’s upcoming turn in the catsuit has us all a little curious. What exactly has Christopher Nolan got in store for Selina Kyle in TDKR? Here are some new photos of  Hathaway rockin’ the new outfit. I particularly like the shot of her and Bats chatting behind off-camera.

Selina Kyle set photos – (Comic Book Movie)

Actually more interesting for me to see than Catwoman’s get up is getting a good look at the Selina Kyle in Nolan’s Bat-verse, which we get a ton of here. Hathaway looks amazing in these photos and I’m really seeing why she was cast as the character.

Interview with Nestor Carbonell – (Splashpage)

You know Nestor Carbonell as Gotham’s mayor, Anthony Garcia. Back for the ride in The Dark Knight Rises, he had a lot to vaguely say and tease about the experience of finishing the Batman trilogy:

“I finished [filming] about a month ago in Pittsburgh. It was a lot of fun, it’s nice to go back to Chris Nolan’s world […] He has announced that this is his last go at ‘Batman’ but yeah, if it is the last for him, he certainly goes out big. It’s massive.”

“What I saw of the sets was just unbelievable. When we were shooting a particular scene I snuck around to see the image on the dolly of what the D.P., Wally Pfister, Academy Award Winner [was shooting]. I looked and immediately thought, ‘Wow, I see why he is who he is, it’s beautifully framed, beautifully shot, half is on IMAX.”

On Christopher Nolan:

“He’s one of these amazing storytellers in our generation, he’s one of the guys who’s taken that genre and grounded it and done something with it that hasn’t done before […] He’s made it that much more real, much more accessible, and he’s made a psychological thriller out of all of them, so he’s great, he’s amazing.”

New set photos of Bane – (Script Flags)

Here we get to my most interesting part of the Hero Express so far; some new images of Tom Hardy as Bane. In addition to photos of the Inception co-star in the face mask, there are a couple of images and videos of his Bane Truck to enjoy:

And his truck:

Even MORE set photos; Christian Bale and JGL – (Comic Book Movie)

Okay, this is getting a little ridiculous. Here are some photos of Joseph Gordon-Levitt driving Christian Bale around Gotham in a police car.

Adam Rodriguez gets cast in TDKR – (Deadline)

Oh my God, look at that. News that isn’t 25 videos and a 360 degree photo gallery of Anne Hathaway’s leather-coated butt (Not that I’m complaining). Adam Rodriguez, famous for his role in CSI: Miami, has just been added to The Dark Knight Rises cast, in a small role that as yet hasn’t been announced.

And that’s it for this edition of The Hero Express! I have a new-found respect for SupaScoot, having filled in for him this week and sorting through piles of links and news stories. Drop a comment telling us what you think about all this Dark Knight Rises news!

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