Dexter: Season 6, Episode 7 – “Nebraska”

RECAP: First and foremost… “Trinity is back”.

Deb tells Dexter about the situation. It looks like the son of the old Mitchell family, Jonah, killed his sister.

Dexter is still seeing his brother, Brian. Dexter and his brotherly hallucination decide to take a trip to Nebraska to take care of the Jonah situation. With his brother’s ghost in the passenger seat, Dexter sets off on a vacation. I am loving the little things about Brian that make me wish he were around still. He called Deb “the one that got away”, and he talked Dexter into boning the cute convenience store chick.

Angel tells Deb that they found the girl who Travis let go. She had said that she was tied up by someone called the Professor and a weaker guy. Since she was blind-folded, the theory that Gellar is a spirit could still be true.

Dexter goes to the Mitchell home to see if Jonah is really guilty. He notices that his tools and the forensic kit are missing from his car. Although he wears gloves and has a fake back story, Dexter seems sloppy in this episode. Jonah comes home while Dexter is in his house, but runs off after confirming Dexter killed his father Arthur. Then, Dexter is seen by Jonah’s neighbors. After that, he kills the motel attendant because he was blackmailing him with his tools and gun. He is being seen by far too many people.

Travis tells Professor Gellar that he wants to be free. This is obviously not a surprise because he has struggled with his conscience since the beginning of the season.

Quinn and Deb have a relationship conversation which pisses me off. If I were Deb, and I dated someone who acted the way he did, I would probably punch him in the balls. They kiss. I had begun to like Quinn, but he became the same old douche he’d always been after Deb left him. In this scene, however, I felt sorry for him.

Jonah calls Dexter and asks him to meet at the shop so that they can talk about their situation. Jonah explains that Becka, Jonah’s sister, had killed herself. He killed his mom on accident when she did nothing to stop he and his sister’s situation, and saw his sister had killed herself. Dexter left the shop without killing Jonah. He did have to fight with his brother to get out. Good thing you can walk right through things that don’t exist! On his way back into Miami, Dexter begins seeing his father instead of Biney. I thought at first that Dexter was going to become dark again, but much to my disappointment, he did not. Still, it was a good episode.

I would give this episode a 4/5. The series is doing well, and I know that this is one of those episodes that builds storyline for the future.

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