Big Screen to Comic Book: Ten Comic Covers With a Nod to Modern Cinema

So we happened to take a good, long look at DC Comics’ upcoming March covers. Our verdict? The lot of ’em are pretty damn sweet. Our attention has certainly been grabbed thanks to the creative comic book cover takes on classic movie posters.

The world of superheroes in spandex and blockbuster movies have meshed pretty well together over the last couple of years. We’d like to honor that holy matrimony and show off ten of our favorite comic book covers that were clearly inspired by some of our favorite films. Five of these artistic beauties will be straight from that March 2015 DC cover collection, while our other 5 picks you may be seeing for the first time, or you may already own.


10. Batman Meets The Matrix


Bruce Wayne is officially…”The One.” We’re pretty confident he didn’t take any blue/red pill since he’s too much of a badass in a nice black getup already. We love this homage to The Matrix simply because it makes the Detective Comics font that much more cooler to stare at. If we’re going to war with a bunch of Agent Smiths, we’d much rather have Red Hood and Catwoman by our side while we do so.

9. Superman Meets Superfly


HA! Extra hilarity points goes to this “we didn’t think it could be done” comic book homage cover. Superfly is a bonafide street legend who deals in the “street pharmacy” business. DC Comics saw fit to place Superman in the lead role of this movie cover throwback. Check out the broken chain and thirsty-as-all-hell Wonder Woman in the background. This is such an awesome nod to an awesome movie.

8. Justice League Dark Meets Beetlejuice 

Justice League Dark

So if you say Deadman’s name enough times, he’ll pop up and save the day. Thankfully, he has Zatanna and Constantine to back up his otherworldly antics. Beetlejuice is such a classic film and we’re pretty pleased with how this homage cover came out. The dark supernatural theme seen here gives us crossover fantasies of Deadman getting Beetlejuice to give him a tour of his infamous graveyard dwellings. And HEY LOOK, THERE’S PLASTIC MAN!

7. Justice League United Meets Mars Attacks!

Justice League United

MARS ATTACKS! If you ever see someone besmirch the good quality of this film’s font without an exclamation point, then you have the right to besmirch them. When we think of aliens who have the power to rule over the human race at the drop of a hat, Martian Manhunter is one of the few names that come to mind. He’d take over the Earth in a day with Stargirl and Supergirl partnering up with him.

6. Harley Quinn Meets Jailhouse Rock

Harley Quinn

Have any of you checked out the New 52 Harley Quinn standalone series yet? If you haven’t, remedy that immediately. It’s filled with the type of humorous moments and bugged out action sequences that will keep it alive for the long run. Miss Quinn gets her hollywood musical swag on with this comb book love letter to Elvis Presley’s Jailhouse Rock. We’re pretty sure Quinn’s stint in prison would last all of 10 seconds before she broke out.

5. The Incredible Hulk Meets Apocalypse Now

The Incredible Hulk

As far as epic war cinema goes, Apocalypse Now is at the top of that classic movies heap. Watching this film’s take on the Vietnam War is an experience that will stay with you forever. This Incredible Hulk homage to the mind blowing poster for the film is, well – incredible. Here’s a piece of art that’s just as endearing and engrossing as the darkened landscape sorted in the Apocalypse Now poster. Hulk’s death stare is something else, man…

4. Uncanny Avengers Meets The Avengers

Uncanny Avengers

Millennials will look back fondly on the movie event of all time when they grow older – Marvel Studios’ The Avengers. Everyone’s jaws were on the floor while their eyes didn’t blink once as they watched Marvel’s onscreen heroes finally team up. Marvel Comics made sure to honor their big screen hit by giving it the comic book cover variant treatment. Deadpool’s classic wit makes this cover all the more better.

3. Mega Man Meets All Your Favorite Epic Action Movie Posters

Mega Man

Archie Comics’ video game themed comic books are effing insane. In a totally good way, too. The art and epic storylines sported in the Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comics blow our minds every time we read ’em. Looking at this dope take on classic ’80s and ’90s action movie posters makes us wish an animated Mega Man film was a real thing. Question – has Proto Man ever NOT looked cool as all hell? Answer – No.

2. Deadpool Meets Alien 


Deadpool is at it again! Marvel Comics’ hilarious mercenary has a knack for breaking the 4th wall and dropping several pop culture nods. This Alien comic book homage creeps us all the way the hell out, but we’d still throw it up as a poster. It deserves the honor of being splashed across our wall and getting you back into that Ridley Scott type of mood.

1. Marvel Zombies Meets 28 Days Later

Marvel Zombies

28 Days Later was one of the freshest takes on the zombie cinema genre in a long time. Those track & field participant zombies hauled ass and made us nervous about the running undead becoming a real thing. Marvel Zombies did right by that awesome film by giving them a nice nod to their iconic movie poster. The heavy dosage of red and frightening detail in that zombie’s face is unnerving – but still cool.

Those are some of our favorite, what other homage covers made your list?

Images: Marvel, DC, Archie Comics

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