Game of Thrones: Our 5 Favorite GoT Parodies…

So in the wake of devastation left by last week’s Red Wedding, and in eager anticipation of the next horrible thing to happen to the noble Stark family, I’ve assembled 5 of my favorite GoT related parodies from the interwebs, where there was no shortage of things to choose from. As of late Thrones has become a phenomenon, supplanting The Sopranos with HBO’s highest rated season ever, and just last Sunday delivering what many have called the most brutal episode in the history of television. We saw Jimmy Fallon dedicate 10 minutes of his late night show for his Game of Desks, YouTube has given us the 3-episode School of Thrones webshow, and ComicbookGirl19 has made a real name for herself simply talking about the show. And while those videos are all worthwhile, what follows are the ones that in the midst of my ASoIaF obsession, I deemed the best.

Obvious spoilers if you’re not up to date on the show, Enjoy.

5. The Princess Bride Connection

This is a painfully simple, but brilliantly executed connection, done well – twice. Fans of the 80’s classic The Princess Bride will instantly know what to expect here, but love it all the same. For those who haven’t seen the movie, these videos (especially the second one) will seem as though they were made to fit together. Just too perfect.

The Season 3 Promo: CinestirTV

The Red Wedding: Andrew Kasch

“Jesus Grandpa! What did you read me this thing for?”

4. Maroon 5 – Payphone

The folks over at Key of Awesome have been making some brilliant videos since 2009, but this Maroon 5/GoT Fandom might be my favorite one of all their stuff. Adam just can’t make time in his life for music AND Thrones…sorry music.

“The Lannisters look like surfer dicks”

3. George R.R. Martin Responds to “Game of Thrones” Backlash

College Humor takes a look at the sadistic (and genius) writer behind the series with this imagined (and probably accurate) portrayal of Mr. Martin addressing the fans.

“Your sorrow is my playground.

2. Beer of Thrones

Pretty simple concept here, but the people over at Comediva really nailed the essence what a lot of fan love about the show in under 2 minutes. Succinct and to the point, it’s the Besteros in Westeros.

“Get me pregnant Horse God!”

1. Ultimate Birthday Rap Battle

And finally, the one I just can’t seem to stop watching, the 10th Birthday party rap battle. Robb Stark really made this one in his blissfully ignorant approach towards the atrocities before him. Stage5TV outdid themselves here.

“Why are they so f**king happy?”

So there you have it. Which was your favorite?

Edmure Tully 2

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