Early SDCC Info and Pics For Veronica Mars, Enders Game, All You Need is Kill, & More!

San Diego Comic-Con is only a few days away, but already we have new photos from some of the most anticipated movies of this year that will no doubt be making big splashes at SDCC. These movies will all have panels there (for anyone going, the times of the panels are included below) so expect to see even more information trickle down to us through the next week or so. For now look at what the new photos have to offer (thanks to Entertainment Weekly and Total Film for getting these great images and the times the panels are showing at the con).

 ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’

comic con news amazing spider man 2

The second instalment of Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield’s take on the webslinger has him facing Jamie Foxx as Electro and a young Harry Osborn (played by Chronicle psycho super hero Dane DeHaan). Should be interesting to see what the audience has to say over Garfield’s thoughts on Mary Jane being a man rather than a woman. To see what the new Electro looks like click here for our article covering this revamped villain.

Friday July 19th – Hall H – 4.05pm

‘Veronica Mars’

comic con news veronica mars

Most of the cast seem to be involved in this return to the cult show that has found a new lease on life through KickStarter. New footage is going to be shown so it’s going to be a Mars fan’s dream come true. For more info on the little series that could click here to get a roundup of what we know so far.

Friday July 19th – Hall H – 11.15am

‘Enders Game’

comic con news enders game

This should be a great panel to go to because of the appearance of Harrison Ford himself, as well as director Gavin Hood and other cast and crew members. Orson Scott Card’s epic space novel involves the youth of today getting trained up to fight in a battle with an alien race called the Formic. To watch the trailer click here. Hopefully the panel’s audience can stay on topic and not cover Orson’s views on same sex marriage or bombard Harrison too much with Star Wars questions.

Thursday July 18th – Hall H – 3.50pm

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

comic con news hunger games

Not much info on this panel but I am guessing some new footage will be shown for this sequel to Suzanne Collins popular series. Some people may think of this series as Battle Royale with more politics and teen drama, but the first film was a massive hit so no doubt this panel will be very popular, especially if any of the main cast are in attendance.

Saturday July 20th– Hall H – 1.35pm

‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

comic con news captain america 2

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige will be in attendance, and this will no doubt be a storm from start to finish. A new, slightly darker approach looks to have been used for this film, where we have seen a lot of Cap fighting the Winter Soldier. Comic fans know how this one will play out but it will be interesting to see any new footage that comes out, especially showing [SPOILER] Sebastian Stan in the leading role as the Winter Soldier. Here is a fan-made trailer to keep you entertained until more news on this comes are way.

Saturday July 20th – Hall H – 6.00pm

‘Thor: The Dark World’

comic con news thor 2

Another Marvel movie with a darker tone, this has all the usual cast from the first with the edition of the mighty Brit actor Christopher Eccleston as Thor’s man villain Malekith. For an idea of what this new film is all about why not watch the trailer here. Hopefully most of the cast will attend here, but again Feige is confirmed and I am guessing more exclusive film footage will be shown.

Saturday July 20th – Hall H – 6.00pm


comic con news carrie

Its unconfirmed who will be on the panel for this remake of the popular ’80s horror shocker, but as Chloe Mortez will no doubt be at the con promoting Kick Ass 2, I would be very surprised if she does not make some kind of appearance here to showcase soem new footage. The trailer seems to follow the same story as the original but maybe this panel with have a few surprises up its sleeve.

Friday July 19th – Hall H – 4.05pm

‘All You Need Is Kill’ and ‘Gravity’

comic con news all you need is kill

Very little is known on either one of these panels, but Gravity is by Children Of Men director Alfonso Cuaron and has Sandra Bullock and George Clooney involved in some tense outer space action. On the other side of the Sci- Fi arena we have All You Need Is Kill, with Tom Cruise as a soldier fighting aliens (different aliens from Enders Game, mind) and much like Groundhog Day finds himself looping the last day of battle. Both of these sound incredible, but will the big main stars be seen at SDCC? Who knows, weirder things have happened.

comic con news gravity

Saturday July 20th – Hall H – 10.45am (for both of these movies)

Also, some very interesting news has just sprung up about the possibility of a Predator influence appearing at the Comic Con. Empire Online have just reported that on Predators Movie Facebook Page there is a revealing picture of a map in heat vision with the classic quote from the original film. Could be a new Predator game perhaps, or maybe even a sequel to the flawed yet entertaining Predators? Who knows at this early stage, but with Comic Con loving its little surprises I would not be surprised to see some more information on this very soon.

comic con news predator

Keep checking with Grizzly Bomb for all the up to date SDCC news as we get it from our reporters in San Diego!

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