First Look at Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed

Fox announced the Assassins Creed film nearly two years ago with Michael Fassbender at the helm. It’s needless to say the first official image released was a long time coming.

Fassbender has a knack for landing himself in profitable franchises, see Prometheus and the X-Men films, and Assassin’s  Creed is a welcomed addition to his line of work. Based on the insanely popular video-game franchise of the same, New Regency’s live-action Assassin’s Creed will be directed by Justin Kurzel and released through Fox.


Fassbender will portray Callum Lynch, who hasn’t appeared in the game franchise, but was created just for the film. Because as we know, Fox loves to diverge from source materials.  Lynch learns he has family ties to a sacred assassin society, and his connection allows him to  experience the story of his ancestor, Aguilar, a Spanish assassin in the 15th century. His experiences and time as Aguilar help him thwart the Knights Templar in the present day, as these things go.

The image doesn’t show us much, but its a small insight as to how accurate the costuming here will be. Personally, I was always a fan of the differentiation in costuming amongst the multiple assassins. Though I don’t read a 15th century Spain here, it certainly has promise and appeal.  But Fassbender always looks good regardless.

The real question most fans are sitting on; will the story telling will be as rich? The gaming franchise is known for labyrinthine story arcs that tie each of the games respectively into one another.

Additionally, the characters were pretty damn good, so Fassbender has some pretty impressive measures to live up to. Marion Cotillard also stars, in addition to Michael K. Williams (The WireBoardwalk Empire) and Ariane Labed.


Shooting is expected to begin next week in Malta, London and Spain. Assassin’s Creed hits theaters Dec. 21, 2016.

Images: Yahoo, 20th Century Fox, HBO

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