Heroes to Inspire Hairiness; Movember and No-Shave November, Comics-Style

November is almost like a silver-age DC character when it comes to being a theme month for men’s health issues. Representing “Earth One” is the Movember Foundation, which since 2003 has been encouraging men to grow their mustaches during November in an effort to raise awareness and money to combat prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity.

Representing “Earth Two” is No-Shave November, which concentrates its fund- and awareness-raising efforts on cancer prevention, research, and education. Rather than the ‘stache, No-Shave November merely wants participants to quit shaving completely.

Like the “Flashes of Two Worlds,” we have similarly heroic entities with similar methods. In honor of both of November’s facial-hair-focused, health-promoting efforts, we present to you some of our favorite scruffy, mustachioed, and bearded fellows from comics two best-known U.S. publishers.


He can bend gravity to his will, but this Avengers’ foe is best known for the gravitational pull of his sweet beard.

Dr. Strange

Marvel’s master of the mustache arts! The stylist supreme! Oh, and he can do magic too.


He’s Cyclops’ dad! He leads the Starjammers! He makes smoochies with a sexy skunk lady! And, most of all, check the killer mustache!

Power Man/Luke Cage

The baddest man in the Marvel Universe got a little badder when he sported a smooth goatee during his time with the Avengers. But it looks like the upcoming Power Man & Iron Fist series, as penciled by Sanford Greene, is going full-on-beardo.

Ego the Living Planet

The winner. Even when Thor is beating his butt, Ego the Living Planet wins the facial hair wars. Come on.

Turner D. Century

So snappy. So debonair.

Angar the Screamer

Ultimate ’70s-style. Doesn’t really need that mega-powered scream to get attention.


Son of Darkseid, represent! Jack “the King” Kirby knew that rocking the Lincoln beard was a power move.

Green Arrow

You thought his arrows were sharp? Blonde beard, and he wore it for decades. DECADES. Until yet another reboot of the universe/multiverse. Dang it, DC. Bring back the best beard on a hero, bar none.

Star Boy

This member of the Legion of Superheroes shows that beards are fashion-forward, even thousands of years in the future. With a beard like that, he should definitely change his name to Star Man.


So sensitive, that Jack Knight. This hipster hero is probably the one most likely to participate in Movember and No-Shave November, but he often rocked a little facial hair just because.


Aquaman is awesome, and has never been more awesome than when Peter David was writing him. Partially because of the new attitude, partly due to the harpoon hand. But mostly because of that beard.

INSPIRED YET? Go grow some hair.

Images: Cartoon Network, NetFlix, DC Comics, Marvel Comics,
Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. and Super-Team Family: Lost Issues

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