More Posters: Hunger Games, The Hobbit, MIB 3, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Lots, Lots More!!

The other day I showed you three two posters, one of which came out of Las Vegas’s 2011 Licensing International Expo. Basically a huge event where you can get people to spend money on your product, and in a lot of cases, that means a look at a whole bunch of movies. You know how Transformers had a lot of Mountain Dew references, or Thor and Iron Man featured some Dr. Pepper products? This is where that happens.

Keep in mind these are mainly marketing posters, so don’t expect more than a logo or a teaser. But even then, it’s a cool look at some of these upcoming movies. This first batch is from Collider.

So I’ll start with one of the coolest things to come out of this. Here’s a quick look at Batman from The Dark Knight Rises:

And a look at how DC is shopping some of their properties around:

Here’s a teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man, which biggest surprise is the fact that they have changed the font, which was so well known that Sony used it for their Playstation logo:All right, that’s enough talking from me. There’s a lot of posters so I’m just going to get to ’em:

I’m sure some of those posters would be for Blu-Ray releases or something like that, as I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to be seeing a new The Godfather. But yeah, that Footloose poster does say 2011. Seriously. Moving on… This next batch is also from Collider:

For more on The Hunger Games, click here

Yep, they are making another one. Are you surprised?

Yay, Keanu’s back….hooray…

Here’s some of the CG animated movies, which I most likely will NOT be seeing:

And finally, unrelated to the 2011 LIE (wow, worst. abbreviation. ever) the teaser poster for the upcoming John Carter (The previously titled John Carter From Mars) starring Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights, X-Men Origins: Wolverinewas released:

And that’s it! I have no more posters. Well maybe a few more squirreled away somewhere, but that’s for later. How awesome was that pic of Batman way up at the top, right?

Now talk amongst yourselves, I’m verklempt.

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