Jar Jar Binks and the Deleted Scene

So, I cannot stand Jar Jar Binks. It’s honestly just something you really can’t even get used to by being exposed to it over and over again on the screen. It’s like someone forcing you to watch 2 Girls, 1 Cup repeatedly; you will never be able to watch it without feeling uncomfortable, embarrassed or just completely nauseated.

It’s weird because I can almost tolerate him on the Clone Wars. I’m not sure if that’s because he is sometimes a little helpful on the show, whereas in Episode One he was completely and utterly useless both in the movie and to the viewers watching George Lucas’s eternal screw up. Seriously I can almost forgive him for his little tweaks of the Star Wars films, but never for Jar Jar. At least George wizened up a bit and slowly relegated Jar Jar to only one line in the prequel trilogy. But now comes the news from Jar Jar actor Ahmed Best that there was actually a full scene in the Revenge of the Sith featuring the annoying Gungan bastard. Here’s the lowdown via IGN from Best’s Entertainment Weekly interview:

“In Revenge of the Sith, there was a scene that was cut where I’m walking down a long pathway with Ian McDiarmid before he is turned into the Emperor,” Best told Entertainment Weekly. “And Palpatine kind of thanks Jar Jar for putting him in power. It’s a really interesting scene, and it shows the evolution of Jar Jar from this fun-loving kid’s character into this manipulated politician. And it was an interesting arc for the character that I thought could have been explored, because the scene is really dark. But it just didn’t fit in the movie, which I understand. But yeah, George’s take on it is Jar Jar is now just a politician.” 


And even though I love a good deleted scene, this is one that I can safely say that I’m glad did not make it into the final cut. I’d rather have seen Palpatine/Sidious fry him with some good ole’ force lightning! I just don’t like the whole concept of Jar Jar Binks being the only who could have suggested to the senate that Palpatine be granted emergency powers in Attack of the Clones. Granted, he was probably one of the stupidest, but there are plenty of dumb politicians out there. Or maybe it would have been better to see a good politician get manipulated in the form of Bail Organa. That would have had a more resonating effect, and Bail could have come to regret his decision as the war came to a close. Ahhhh, what might have been. Better the scene was cut out all together.

One thing I would have liked besides Jar Jar being encased in carbonite and used as a wall ornament in Palpatine’s office, would have been an additional scene in A New Hope. If they could have shown the surface of Alderaan and an aged Bail and Jar Jar looking onward as the Death Star orbited then it would have made for a more powerful scene as they were destroyed. I’m all for Lucas not tinkering with the films, but I’d rather he do something useful if he is going to do it at all. What’s everyone else think? The Jar Jar scene better left buried or would anyone be curious enough to want to watch yet more of him? Comment below!

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