Happy Chinese New Year From Us, But More Importantly From Daredevil

Chinese New Year is awesome, for me at least, being Chinese and all. There’s great food, family, money, drinking, dancing… you get the point. But the people at Netflix wanted everyone to be able to enjoy Chinese New Year this year with some promos for the upcoming second season of Daredevil.

I find it so entertaining how well these Marvel/Netflix shows are doing that they don’t need a real trailer. This 30 second moving poster is all they really need to do to up the excitement for the upcoming season, though we do expect a full trailer before then. The premiere date is set for March 18, so free up your calendar as you know you won’t be doing anything else that day.

The Netflix Asia account also added a cute little clip promoting Daredevil;

Can I hashtag #accurate? I have those exact decorations up in my house right now. This is so cute and makes me want to teach my grandma how to use Netflix so we can watch Daredevil together!

So if you’re dying in anticipation like me, you’re gonna have to hold about five more weeks before we get to see the familiar faces we love, as well as some new ones like Elodie Yung who will be playing Elektra…

Elodie Yung as ‘Jinx’ in G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Images: Marvel Studios, NetFlix, Paramount Pictures, MGM

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