Avengers Assemble: The Series – Episodes 3, 4 and 5

It’s been a little while since I visited this web series, and my life has definitely been lacking some Avengers humor. So it’s only fair that to make up for that I will be bringing you three episodes this post! Three!

And no, I’m not doing that because Season 2 starts today and I want to catch up. Really. Mostly.

Anyways, Avengers Assemble: The Series is getting ready to hit us with some great new episodes, so I’m going to hit you with some great old episodes from Season 1. And if that wasn’t enough for you, this weekend I’m going to show you the first in a series of interviews with the Avengers Assemble cast & crew. Excelsior!

Episode 3 – ‘Oil Spill’

With Tony Stark out of the office for “personal” reasons, Captain America sits in as team leader. In this episode, the oil spill in the gulf hits close to home for one of our heroes, and the Avengers have to decide whether or not to take action.

So we were all a little enraged by the BP Oil Spill, but obviously Namor was a little more pissed off than we were. I love this episode because we get to see the characters evolve even more. Thor’s worries regarding how the other gods see him, Carol’s ‘role’ with the team flushed out a little more, and best of all , we start to see more of Cap’s racism. And Vince Pasani’s ‘Imperius Rex’ is dynamite.

“Who the F–K is BP?”

Episode 4 – ‘The Middle East’

The Avengers are faced with the decision on whether or not to take action in the Middle East, where tensions are running high. Reaching that decision, as we’ve learned by now, is never straight forward with our heroes.

I never fully understood the Middle East situation until it was explained using the Kree/Skrull War. Absolutely amazing. And making Jesus an Avenger to help bring peace to the middle east? Priceless. Unfortunately for Carol yet again, she is late bringing in Tony’s drycleaning, and tasked with finishing off Cap’s shirts. So despite bringing the mission to the Avengers, it looks like her mission will be to go easy on the starch.

Episode 5 – ‘Office Romance’

This week, Wonder Man gets some unsolicited advice about women from none other than Hawkeye. Now in HD!

This was probably my favorite episode yet. Just your typical day at the copier at Avengers Tower, mixed with some hilarity and bad advice. Well, good advice if your Hawkeye. Danny Kelley plays a pretty kick ass Wonder Man, and some of Hawkeye’s lines are absolutely hysterical.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I think stretch marks are kinda cute.

Don’t use that one on the ladies, though. It doesn’t work. At all. It’s also great that we are starting to see even more members of the Avengers, a trend which continues in coming episodes.

“Your a f–king Avenger man. Take charge of that shit, bitches love that.”

That’s all I have for you this time around. I’ll have a few more episodes to show you this weekend, and as I said we’ll interview some of the cast and crew. Who’s sitting down with Grizzly Bomb to talk about Avengers Assemble?

You’ll just have to wait and see, I guess.

Check out Avengers Assemble: The Series – Episodes 1 & 2.

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