Resident Evil 5: The Jill Valentine Verdict

With the fifth Resident Evil movie, Retribution finally coming together there was one loose end left before the film seemed complete. That loose end was actress Sienna Guillory reprising her role as ‘Jill Valentine’. It was at first assumed that she would be back, but then things were not so certain as she was keeping us all in suspense with Twitter updates.

The last update however, was that she was going to a meeting with director Paul W.S. Anderson and then this tweet followed soon after:

So it would appear everything is set for another Resident Evil and hopefully this is the last one set in this particular continuity. To me the franchise has gone as far as it could have with the Alice character, and the storyline in the post apocalyptic universe. At this point there will have been more movies set in the post apocalyptic world of Resident Evil than in the settings that made the games so great. I wouldn’t mind them rebooting the franchise eventually and starting from square one again.

What’s everyone else think? Are you as overjoyed as I am about Sienna Guillory returning? Do you think this is the last hurrah for the Paul W.S. Anderson Resident Evil franchise, or will the box office numbers speak for themselves?

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One thought on “Resident Evil 5: The Jill Valentine Verdict”

  1. Gotta say, my favorite Resident Evil movie was the CG made R.E. Degeneration (2008)
    But to choose from the list, Apocalypse.

    I think that if making a movie based on a game, stay close to the source material, and after Apocalypse, it went too far off the mark. There were parts of Degeneration that felt so close to the game that one time I even hurridly reached for my Playstation controller thinking it was about to hand over to me!!!!!


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